Triangular Aquatic Net


Triangular Aquatic Net

A lightweight, rust-proof net for use in ponds. This professional net consists of a 3' long anodized aluminum handle attached to a 12" x 12" x 12" triangular net ring. The 7¼" deep net bag is sewn from unbleached muslin with a skirt extending below the polyester mesh bottom to prevent snagging. The triangular shape allows the net to be placed on the bottom of a stream or pond. Rustle rocks or leaves upstream to shake loose invertebrates or capture fish and then use the flat bottom to look at or sort specimens. A replacement net bag is also available (see Related Products, below).


Please note: If you are doing intensive “grubbing around” in weedy areas or if there is a strong current, we recommend the “D” style nets we offer, which can withstand very heavy use without bending the net ring.

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Triangular Aquatic Net
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