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Over the past thirty years Acorn Naturalists has evaluated many water quality test kits from different manufacturers. We have consistently found that the test kits designed by the LaMotte Company to be the most accurate, reliable, and easiest to use. We carry the LaMotte water and soil test kits in stock, but we are also distributors of their entire line of test kits. If you don’t see a particular LaMotte test kit that you are looking for, please contact us and we will procure it for you. Included here are water quality test kits for water quality parameters such as nitrates, phosphates, pH, oxygen, ammonia, hardness, turbidity, coliform, sulfide, silica, iron, carbon dioxide, copper, salinity, and many others. Also included here are the popular and easy to use Global Rivers Environmental Education Network (GREEN) water quality test kits, along with comprehensive water quality test kits for evaluating water quality in ponds, streams and lakes. The test kits offered by Acorn Naturalists provide excellent supplementary resources for inquiry-oriented science discovery programs aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) programs and curricula. We also carry the reagent refills for the water quality kits we offer.

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  1. Macromania Kit
    Macromania Kit
    Item#: KIT-12600
  2. pH Test Kit
    pH Test Kit
    Item#: TEST-5305
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