Bass (Largemouth) Fish Printing Replica (Young)


Largemouth Bass Fish Printing Replica (Young)

This flexible largemouth bass (young, 5 inch) replica features one side of the fish; the reverse is flat. To make a fish print, simply ink the fish and roll on paper to “capture” the species as a print. When finished, replicas can be easily cleaned with soapy water. Fish printing, the Japanese art of Gyotaku, is an excellent way to combine science and art! We also offer a variety of washable block inks, ink rollers, and rice paper to enhance your fish printing activities.

Largemouth bass are members of the sunfish family and are common in freshwater lakes throughout North America. They feed largely on fish, crayfish and insect larvae, but their aggressive behavior causes them to strike at anything. Largemouth bass have even been known to eat young ducklings. If one includes all gear used to fish for bass, anglers spend more money on largemouth bass fishing every year than all the money spent on golf and tennis combined. 

For a helpful video demonstrating fish printing techniques please click here!


Dimensions: 5¾" L (nose to tail) x 2½" T (upper fin to lower fin)

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Bass (Largemouth) Fish Printing Replica (Young)
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