Seashore Animals X-Rays and Picture Cards


Seashore Animals X-Rays and Picture Cards

Compare pictures of mollusks, seastars, seahorses, and other marine animals with x-ray photographs provide in this unique set. From simple matching games to discussions on shell form and function, these card activities will enhance any lesson on marine life or animal protection strategies. The set includes a descriptive teacher’s guide and features 36 different species (36 x-rays plus 36 printed cards), each 4" x 5". Recommended for ages 5 and up.


The species included in KIT-14269 are:

  • Atlantic Triton
  • Birdnest Coral
  • Bursa Frog
  • Common Periwinkle Snail Shell
  • Crown of Thorns Starfish
  • Egg Cowrie
  • Fluted Clam
  • Green Sea Urchin
  • Green Turboshell
  • Imperial Volute
  • King Helmut
  • Knobbed Whelk
  • Knobby Starfish
  • Lamp Clank Shell
  • Lion's Paw
  • Marble Cone
  • Marlinspike
  • Mushroom Coral
  • Open Brain Coral
  • Pearlized Nautilus
  • Pearly Trochus
  • Pink Roller Conch
  • Pink-Mouthed Murex
  • Purple Spined Sea Urchin
  • Red Cameo Helmet
  • Red Pipe Organ Coral
  • Scorpion Conch
  • Sea Biscuit Sand Dollar
  • Sea Horse
  • Sputnik Sea Urchin
  • Sundial
  • Thick Lucine
  • Tiger Cowrie
  • Venus Comb
  • Venus Flower Basket Sponge
  • White Finger Starfish

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Seashore Animals X-Rays and Picture Cards
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