Sea Star Fish Printing Replica


Sea Star Fish Printing Replica

This flexible sea star replica (7 inches across) features one side of the sea star replica (earlier named starfish replica) while the reverse side is flat. To make a sea star print, simply ink the sea star and roll on paper to “capture” the print. When finished, the sea star replica can be easily cleaned with soapy water. Fish printing, the Japanese art of Gyotaku, is an excellent way to combine science and art! We also offer a variety of washable block inks, ink rollers, and rice paper to enhance your fish printing activities.

Sea stars come in a variety of sizes and shapes from webbed bat stars to “stringy” brittle stars. Some stars are very small, while others exceed a diameter of several feet. A majority prey on shellfish such as mussels and oysters whose shells are pried open with the sea star’s suction-like tube feet. The sea star literally turns its stomach inside out and digests the food from within the shell, absorbing nutrient and then sucking its stomach back inside before moving on to its next meal. While not technically fish (they are echinoderms), the sea star's textured surface makes for a beautiful print pattern. 

For a helpful video demonstrating fish printing techniques please click here!


Dimensions: 7¼" L x 7" T

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Sea Star Fish Printing Replica
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