Ginkgo Leaf Shadowbox Framed Art


Ginkgo Leaf Shadowbox Framed Art

Unique and delicately beautiful, this elegant display features real leaves that have been hand-treated to expose the intricate natural patterns inherent in each leaf. Within each shadowbox display, several leaves are mounted in a three-dimensional array, and a variety of frames and mattes are color-matched to showcase the leaves chosen. (Please call for our current inventory if you have specific frame color requests; shipment of internet-ordered inventory will be randomly selected.) Care instructions and general information on leaves, how they are chosen, and how they are prepared are included with each display. Frames include both a wall mount and a stand, and measure 5" x 7" (image) and 6½" x 8½" (outside edge). From artist Booker Morey and Leaf Lines, L.L.C.


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Ginkgo Leaf Shadowbox Framed Art
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