Granite Gourmet: Trail-Tested Recipes Backpacking Adventures (Knowledge Cards®)

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Granite Gourmet: Trail-Tested Recipes for Backpacking Adventures (Knowledge Cards®)

This deck will appeal not just to hard-core, Gore-Tex–clad peripatetics but also to foodies who occasionally go car camping or picnicking. In addition to its numerous recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, Granite Gourmet offers tips on food staples, single-burner cooking, and other important topics (like not attracting bears). For a tasty breakfast that will bring in all of the human bears from miles around, try their recipe for hearty breakfast burritos and watch this scrumptious breakfast quickly disappear! Deck contains 48 informative 3¼" by 4" cards.


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Granite Gourmet: Trail-Tested Recipes Backpacking Adventures (Knowledge Cards®)
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