Animal Signatures® Display Collection (Discounted Set of 17 Displays)


Animal Signatures® Display Collection 

  • A series of prepared displays for learning to recognize animal clues (signatures) left behind in the wild
  • Collection includes 17 displays
  • Glass-topped, sealed displays measure 6" x 8" each
  • Recommended for ages 8 to adult
  • See Details for further information (below)


Just as we learn to identify the handwriting of others, we can learn to read “signatures” left behind by wildlife. By recognizing these animal clues, it is possible to conclude which animals are in the area. These unique, glass-topped displays provide real examples of these clues, or signatures. Assembled by Acorn Naturalists, each sample is collected from the wild with careful regard to environmental impact. Scat samples included are ScatCast® replicas. Information about the samples shown is provided on the back, making these displays perfect for educators. Our signature displays are recommended for ages 8 to adult. This collection includes Beaver Chew and Scat Signatures; Bird Egg Signatures; Bird Feather Signatures; Coyote Chew and Scat Signatures; Deer and Rabbit Browse and Scat Signatures; Egg Diversity Signatures; Insect Emergence Signatures; Insect Feeding Signatures; Land Snail Predation Signatures; Mammal Fur Tuft Signatures; Marine Invertebrate Signatures; Mouse and Squirrel Chew and Scat Signatures; Pack Rat Chew and Scat Signatures; Raven and Owl Pellet Comparison Signatures; Reptile Shed Signatures; Soil Life Signatures; and Squirrel Chew Cone and Scale Signatures.

Product sets are already discounted from the individual purchase price.

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Animal Signatures® Display Collection (Discounted Set of 17 Displays)
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