Invasive Species Display


Invasive Species Display

Invasive species are organisms found outside their native range. When these foreign species are introduced into new ecosystems the results can be dramatic as they displace native species and cause problems that the native system cannot adapt to. This set of twelve 5” x 6” glass-topped displays features species that are causing problems in North America and around the world. All are labeled with common and scientific names, country of origin, approximate dates of introduction, and the problems each species causes. Includes Green Sea Fingers (Codium), Water Lettuce, Blue Periwinkle, English Ivy, Kudzu, Bradford Pear, Chinese Tallow Tree, Salt Cedar, Common Periwinkle, Zebra Mussel, Japanese Beetle, Kudzu Bug, Red Fire Ant, German Cockroach and Colorado Potato Beetle. (some of the displays contain several different species - there are twelve displays but the above list amounts to more than twelve species).


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Invasive Species Display
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