Create-A-Scene Ecosystem Diorama Kits

Acorn Naturalists Create-A-Scene biome investigation and discovery kits include six or more hand-painted animal replicas, and offers a unique mix of habitat-appropriate rocks, leaves, logs and substrate, along with an original line-drawing of a background (for coloring by students). Additionally, this educational kit contains three extra blank cards for creating more background scenes along with an “animal clue” item (such as a squirrel-chewed pine cone in the evergreen forest diorama) to add interest and intrigue. Creatively supplement these hands-on educational displays with locally collected plants, rocks, and other "loose parts" to add additional interest. Each kit is packaged in a 11" long x 9" wide x 6" deep custom-designed stained wooden box with a sliding lid. Turn the box on its side to create the “theater” for the diorama. These nature dioramas Include instructions and suggestions for supplemental activities. Twelve diorama kits are available including evergreen forest, hardwood forest, southern forest, oak woodland, pond and stream, meadow, prairie, seashore, arctic, desert, urban and barnyard scenes. Each diorama kit contains a blend of the educational resources listed above along with the specific animal models listed for each of the individual Create-A-Scene biome kits listed here. Hands-on learning for ages 8-13.

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