Learning Packs and Get Outdoors! Backpacks

Home-Based Learning Packs® (for checking out to students). With the current emphasis on remote learning, students are spending more time than ever on computers. This is understandable, but science and nature study ideally involves going outside to explore, investigate, and make observations. Gaining a better understanding of science, one could argue, is now more important than ever for better understanding and management of human health and related environmental quality concerns. Toward that end, Acorn Naturalists offers schools and other institutions the ability to develop their own program-specific learning packs to supplement home-based learning. These do not require computers (children already have an abundance of screen time), yet these packs can checked out to students to advance STEM-based instruction, environmental science, journaling (to improve observation and writing skills), nature-based preschool activities, and many other topics. They also can be used to emphasize specific practices, ideas, and concepts as presented in the Next Generation Science Standards. This approach is particularly appropriate for schools, camps, museums, zoos, and other educational institutions. We are happy to provide a custom quote based on the list of resources that you select or that we compile for you from our expansive collection of science and nature education resources. This custom kit program has a minimum quantity requirement of 35 sets, but components are then offered at a considerable discount from purchasing the resources individually. We are happy to arrange your customized selection in a day pack (like the ones shown on this page) to verify that your selection fits (you can also just order the component parts if you have your own packs or carrying cases). We will then ship the resources to you to place in the packs. This approach allows us to pass on considerable product savings to you.  

Get Outdoors!® Individual Field Packs. These packs are designed to initiate an interest in science, encourage outdoor exploration, and facilitate development of important observation and identification skills. Each self-contained pack features topic-specific resources, including background information, field equipment, and observation tools. You can further customize these packs with field guides featured on our website, including the Waterford Pociet Naturalist series. These field packs are “ready made” and can be purchased in any quantity. Appropriate for students ages 8-12, titles include Nature Discovery, Pond and Stream, Birding, Introduction to Insects, Rocks and Minerals, Tracking, and Art. We also offer a Young Explorers’ Field Pack (ages 5-7) and the comprehensive Outdoor Education Field Pack designed for an instructor with up to 18 students ages 8-13.

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