Kid's Guide to Exploring Nature


The Kid's Guide to Exploring Nature

Created by educators at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, this resource offers guidance for teaching children ages 8-13 to explore environments as a naturalist does. Provides descriptions of 24 adventures that introduce children to plant and animal ecosystems in wooded areas, the beach, and a city park. Projects include keeping a journal, conducting field experiments, and looking for the signs of changing seasons. This unique title encourages exploration with all five senses.


ISBN 9781889538891

Authors: Marilyn Smith, Ashley Cammell, Sara Epstein, Particia Hulse, Saara Nafici, David William Daly, Becky Beer Laboy, Niall Dunne

Editor: Sarah Schmidt

Illustrator: Laszlo Veres

Dimensions: 9" T x 8" W x ½" D

Format: Paperback

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Kid's Guide to Exploring Nature
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