Bingo Games Collection (14 Games)


Bingo Games Collection (14 Games)

These colorful bingo games are perfect for engaging children ages 6 to 10 in nature and science explorations. Integrate the games into classroom lesson plans or use as activities for camps, youth organizations, or for game nights at home. Each set contains 42 illustrated bingo cards that provide information on the subject on the back of each card, along with six playing boards and plenty of bingo chips. This collection of 14 games includes: Bird Bingo, Body Bingo, Bug Bingo, Butterfly Bingo, Dinosaur Bingo, Nature Bingo, Ocean Bingo, Planet Earth Bingo, Reptile Bingo, Science Bingo, Space Bingo, Weather Bingo, Wildflower Bingo, and Wildlife Bingo.


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Bingo Games Collection (14 Games)
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