Animal Diversity X-Rays


Animal Diversity X-Rays

These real animal x-rays are printed on transparent sheets. Place them on a white sheet of paper or overhead projector, or hold up against a light. The x-rays have the look and feel of real ones; perfect for comparing and contrasting the skeletal structure of humans with other animals. Have students trace skeletal forms or photocopy the x-ray and use crayon, markers, or colored pencils to fill in the white areas (bones). The set contains 13 different x-ray sheets, ranging in size from 4" x 8" to 8" x 11". The animals include hawk, rattlesnake, turtle, sunfish, cichlid fish, frog, rabbit, iguana, chameleon, infant kangaroo, crocodile eggs, marmoset, and python.


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Animal Diversity X-Rays
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