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Acorn Naturalists offers many inquiry-oriented teaching resources, including a unique kit that explores the life cycle of the bark beetle (and how climate change affects their spread), along with educational life cycle models for plants, praying mantids, monarch butterflies, painted lady butterflies, mosquitoes, bees, frogs, turtles, chickens, and many other organisms. Also included here are the creative Nature Circles Life Cycle cards (showing ten life cycles: bean plant, dragonfly, ladybug, mealworm or darkling beetle, monarch butterfly, silkworm, newt, frog, shark, and robin), and the popular Nature Circles Pond Life cards featuring the life cycles and food chain importance of common aquatic invertebrates (flatworm, leech, pond snail, freshwater clam, scuds, crayfish, mayfly, dragonfly nymph, damselfly nymph, dobsonfly, stonefly, caddisfly (leaf), caddisfly (stone), water strider, water boatman, backswimmer, water scorpion, water penny, giant water bug, predacious diving beetle, whirligig beetle, blackfly larva, mosquito larva, and cranefly larva).

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