Soil Life Discovery Kit® Ten-Piece Expansion Pack


Soil Life Discovery Kit® Ten-Piece Expansion Pack

Discover life in compost piles or in the duff at the base of a tree. Investigate different sections of a garden, school yard, or natural area. This expansion pack compliments the original Soil Life Discovery Kit® and includes 10 additional sifting funnels, observation containers (with lids), and 12-ounce jars (with lids). Recommended for ages 11 and up, with adult supervision.


Introduction (from the activity booklet that comes with this kit):

This kit challenges students in grades 5-8 to apply scientific reasoning and mathematical skills as they study the distribution patterns of common terrestrial insects and other invertebrates. Two basic techniques are used the pitfall trap technique and the Berlese funnel method. All materials needed for both techniques are provided. The activities highlighted in this booklet are designed to help students (1) improve their ability to investigate, gather data, and interpret the results; (2) gain an appreciation for the diversity of insects and other invertebrates which live around a school, park or backyard; and (3) develop an understanding of food chain relationships, decomposition, and life cycles.

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Soil Life Discovery Kit® Ten-Piece Expansion Pack
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