Math in Nature: Fibonacci Numbers Discovery Kit® (Supplemental Pine Branches)


Math In Nature: Fibonacci Numbers Discovery Kit (Supplemental Pine Branches)

Both the individual and class Fibonacci kits contain a pine stem that demonstrates the Fibonacci sequence. Although all pine stems show this sequence, most are difficult to read to to the lack of clearly defined growth scales. The ones we offer are individually selected in the field for their clear scale visibility and trimmed from trees one at a time. Each stem is then baked for one hour to eliminate any unwanted insect infestations, and because stem growing direction can sometimes be confusing on a trimmed piece, the word "top" is placed on the growing tip of each stem (the Fibonacci sequence needs to be read in the direction of stem growth). Recommended for ages 8 and up, with adult supervision.


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Math in Nature: Fibonacci Numbers Discovery Kit® (Supplemental Pine Branches)
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