Toolkit for Community Engagement - Guidelines for Excellence Series


Toolkit for Community Engagement (Guidelines for Excellence Series)

This set of guidelines focuses on community wellness and is designed to help environmental educators create inclusive environments that support effective partnerships and collaborations. The guidelines were developed using a process of critique and consensus, similar to the process used to develop all of the other Guidelines for Excellence publications. The public review process involved gathering input from hundreds of educators, including focused feedback collected from content experts representing a variety of fields (e.g., diversity, community partnership building), a 16 person National Advisory Team, a wide range of stakeholders, and a Professional Learning Community (PLC). Many of the case studies were researched and drafted by members of the Professional Learning Community. Finally, a 25 item toolkit augments the guidelines. Toolkit resources help users dive more deeply into aspects of environmental education and community engagement that may be unfamiliar to some practitioners.


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Toolkit for Community Engagement - Guidelines for Excellence Series
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