Polar: Wildlife at the Ends of the Earth


The Arctic and Antarctica, at opposite ends of the Earth, have much in common: bitter cold, ferocious winds and darkness lasting six months. Despite these harsh conditions, many animals have adapted to stay alive in the polar regions. Polar: Wildlife at the Ends of the Earth explores how such species survive using similar adaptations. There’s the arctic fox who is protected from the ice by the fur on the soles of her feet, the emperor penguins huddling in groups around their chicks to keep everyone warm, and the narwhal using echolocation to find a crack in the surface ice to breathe. Each spread in the book is devoted to a month and includes a themed introduction and two stories on opposites pages, one about an animal in the Arctic and one about an animal in Antarctica. Extra spreads cover topics such as seasons, winter weather and types of ice. The book concludes with a timely description of the disruptions that climate change is causing to the polar regions, and how this will have global consequences. Recommended for ages 7 to 11, this  evocative and beautifully illustrated book is a fascinating journey through a year in the polar regions, where animals don’t just survive – they thrive!

ISBN 9781525304576 • Author: L. E. Carmichael • Illustrator: Byron Eggenschwiler • Format: Hardcover • Dimensions: 12.4" H x 9.4" W

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Polar: Wildlife at the Ends of the Earth
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