Whose Track Is It? (Board Book)


Little fawn is lost in the forest! Unhappy and confused, he has gone off in search of his mother, following a trail in the soil of the forest. But are these really tracks left by Mummy Deer? Maybe someone else went this way. On his expedition, the fawn learns a lot about all kinds of animals. What makes the squirrel such a great climber? What do the tracks of a horned owl look like? Do you know which animal is the quietest mover, or how a duck uses its legs to swim? A fun surprise awaits under every flap in this interactive board book, recommended for ages 3 to 5.

ISBN 9788000060934 • Author: Radka Piro • Illustrator: Carmen Saldana • Format: Board Book

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Whose Track Is It? (Board Book)
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