Ocean Oasis (IMAX® DVD)

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Ocean Oasis (IMAX® DVD)

A fascinating journey into the bountiful seas and pristine deserts of two very different, but yet inextricably linked worlds—Mexico’s Sea of Cortéz and the Baja California desert. Glide side-by-side with a graceful giant manta ray as it arches and swoops through water sparkling under the hot Baja Sun. Witness the pageant of migrating whales, the elaborate tango of courting terns, the battles of lumbering elephant seals. Fly over sweeping vistas of snow-capped mountains, vast deserts, palm oases, and mangrove swamps—then plunge into astonishing underwater sequences of rarely seen marine life. Dedicated scientists reveal their findings. A visually stunning and provocative DVD, compelling in its message that this little-known region is a treasure worth preserving. Proceeds from sale of this award-winning DVD help support a variety of conservation, education, and research efforts in the Baja California peninsula and the Sea of Cortéz. Total runtime = 75 minutes.


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Ocean Oasis (IMAX® DVD)
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