Prepared Microscope Slide Kit (boxed collection of 100 different, popular slides)


Prepared Microscope Slide Kit (Boxed Collection of 100 Common Slides)

This high-quality prepared slide set includes 100 different frequently-requested slides. The selection features slides generally used to teach life science subjects from elementary through high school classes. All of the slides are identified on both the slide itself and in the index sheet inside the wooden storage box. A thorough, wide-ranging starter set of slides for teachers or students ages 8 and up.


The following is a complete listing of all 100 slides:

1. Amoeba, whole mount (abbreviated below as w.m.)

2. Paramecium, w.m.

3. Euglena, w.m.

4. Sponge, section, showing spicules

5. Hydra, w.m.

6. Hydra budding, w.m.

7. Planaria, w.m., free-living Turbellarian

8. Tapeworm proglottids, w.m.

9. Schistosoma, male, w.m.

10. Ascaris, (Roundworm) cross section (c.s.)

11. Ascaris, eggs, w.m.13. Hirudo Nipponia, (Clamworm) w.m.

14. Daphnia, w.m.

15. Spider, w.m. of small specimen

16. Spider leg, w.m.

17. Culex, Mosquito, larva, w.m.

18. Culex, Mosquito, Male, Head & mouthparts, w.m.

19. Culex, Mosquito, Female, Head & mouthparts, w.m.

20. Housefly, Head and mouthparts, w.m.

21. Housefly, w.m. of small specimen

22. Honeybee, 1st leg, w.m.

23. Honeybee, 3rd (hind) leg, w.m.

24. Honeybee sting, w.m.

25. Butterfly wing piece, w.m.

26. Butterfly, head and moth parts, w.m.

27. Ant, w.m.

28. Pediculus, louse, of pig, w.m.

29. Grasshopper testis, squash preparation, w.m.

30. Silkworm, trachea, w.m.

31. Fruitfly, w.m.

32. Snail, section of radula showing teeth

33. Fish blood smear

34. Fish scale, w.m.

35. Eel blood smear

36. Frog blastula, sec.

37. Frog late gastrula, sec.

38. Frog blood smear

39. Bird Feather Types, wm. of contour and down feathers

40. Human Blood Smear

41. Cartilage

42. Compact Bone, human, ground, w.m.

43. Bone, sec.

44. Striated muscle, w.m. of teased fibers

45. Cerebellum, sec.

46. Spinal Cord, c.s.

47. Motor Nerve Ending, rabbit, w.m.

48. Taste buds, section of rabbit tongue.

49. Mouse Tail, c.s.

50. Lung, sec.

51. Wall of Stomach, section.

52. Small intestine, c.s.

53. Pancreas, section

54. Kidney, l.s. of entire organ

55. Sperm smear, boar

56. Human sperm smear

57. Silk fibers, w.m.

58. Silk fibers, c.s.

59. Sheep wool, w.m.

60. Sheep wool, c.s.

61. Blue-Green Algae, w.m.

62. Rhizopus nigricans, w.m. Back Bread Mold

63. Penicillium, w.m., showing conidia

64. Paspergillus, w.m., showing condiia

65. Mushroom, sec. thru gills showing basidiospores

66. Moss stem, c.s.

67. Moss antheridia, longitudinal section (l.s.)

68. Fern, c.s. of rhizome (underground stem)

69. Fern leaflet, c.s. showing sori (sporangia)

70. Fern spores, w.m.

71. Fern Prothallium with young sporophyte, w.m.

72. Cedar stem, c.s.

73. Pine stem, c.s.

74. Pine stem, c.s., showing annual growth ring

75. Pine leaf (needle) c.s.

76. Bean Root Tubercle, sec.

77. Corn root, c.s.

78. Cucurbita (squash or pumpkin) stem, c.s.

79. Cucurbita, stem, l.s.

80. Hibiscus, stem, c.s.

81. Hibiscus, stem, l.s.

82. Corn Stem, c.s.

83. Corn Stem, l.s.

84. Solanum (Potato) tuber, sec.

85. Triticum aestivum (wheat) stem, c.s.

86. Monocot and Dicot stems, c.s.

87. Tilia (Basswood) 1, 2 and 3 year stems, c.s.

88. Triticum aestivum (wheat) leaf epidermis, w.m.

89. Onion bulb epidermis, w.m.

90. Iris leaf epidermis, w.m. showing stomata

91. Sedum (Stonecrop), leaf epidermis, w.m.

92. Vicia faba (Broad Bean), leaf epidermis, w.m.

93. Hydrophytic Leaf, c.s.

94. Camelia leaf, c.s.

95. Scale hairs, Silverberry, w.m.

96. Monocot and Dicot Leaves, c.s.

97. Lilium anther, c.s.

98. Lilium pollen, w.m.

99. Capsella (Shepherd’s Purse), young embryos, section

100. Grantia spicules, w.m.

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Prepared Microscope Slide Kit (boxed collection of 100 different, popular slides)
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