Earthwalks: An Alternative Nature Experience


Earthwalks: An Alternative Nature Experience

An earthwalk is a participatory way of sharing nature—a sensory and visceral exploration of place without the names and numbers, labeling, and quizzing that often characterize a traditional nature walk. Earthwalk leaders do not have to know a lot about nature; they merely have to enjoy sharing what is discovered. Earthwalks are fun, but not frivolous. They are educational and interpretive responses to our increasing separation from this planet’s natural systems and communities. This guide features 50 activities for developing feelings of joy, kinship, reverence, and love for the natural world that sustains us. Leadership guidelines and practical notes on crafting an earthwalk are included.


ISBN 9780917011313

Author: Steve Van Matre

Format: Paperwork

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Earthwalks: An Alternative Nature Experience
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