Pine Cones Balsam Neck Pillow (Assorted)


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Relax and breathe the scent of Northern woodlands with this 4" x 9" neck pillow from Maine Balsam Fir Products. Each neck roll is handcrafted from flannel cloth and filled with real balsam, harvested in Maine from trees already cut for lumber and paper. The amazing aroma will last for several years and can be refreshed as needed through a variety of simple methods. Pine cone neck pillows are available in three background colors: off-white, green, and gold. (Please call for our current inventory if you have specific color requests; shipment of internet-ordered inventory will be randomly selected.) Use as a gift for a frequent traveler, or use in the home as décor accent pillow!

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Pine Cones Balsam Neck Pillow (Assorted)
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