Growing Patterns: Fibonacci Numbers in Nature


Growing Patterns: Fibonacci Numbers in Nature

This title explores one of the biggest mathematical mysteries in nature. Named after a famous mathematician, the number pattern is simple: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13… Each number in the sequence comes from adding the two numbers before it. What’s the mystery? The pattern crops up in the most unexpected places: in the disk of a sunflower, the skin of a pineapple, and the spiral of a nautilus shell. Readers ages 6 to 12 will find Fibonacci numbers in daisies, pinecones, leaf patterns, seashells, and more. This book is a perfect complement to Acorn Naturalists’ Math in Nature: Fibonacci Numbers Discovery Kit® (see Related Products, below).


ISBN 9781590787526

Author/Photographer: Sarah C. Campbell (

Photographer: Richard P. Campbell

Format: Hardcover

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Growing Patterns: Fibonacci Numbers in Nature
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