Pine (White) Tree Round


White Pine Tree Round

Tree rounds (also called tree discs or tree cookies) are perfect for studying tree rings, tree anatomy, and variations in growth patterns caused by climate conditions. Our high quality rounds are made from tree trimmings or downed wood and sanded on one side to assist in reading the rings. White pine is an eastern softwood that originally covered much of northeastern North America. It prefers well-drained soil and cool, humid climates, and is still a dominant species in many areas. When stressed, this species is susceptible to pine beetle infestations (for further information, see Acorn Naturalists’ Bark Beetle Discovery Kit in Related Products, below). Variations in size and ring patterns will occur; individual rounds will range from 2” to 4” across and ¼” to ½” thick.


Tree Rounds Mix and Match: Receive 10% off when ordering 10 or more of any items in this series. Upon checkout, discounts for all items are added together and collectively subtracted from the total.

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Pine (White) Tree Round
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