Snow Geese (The): A Story of Home

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The Snow Geese: A Story of Home

Every spring, millions of geese embark on an arduous 3000-mile migration from their winter quarters in the southern United States to their breeding grounds in the Canadian Arctic. Intrigued by the birds’ amazing annual journey, and keen to shake off a long illness and the feeling that his life was going nowhere, William Fiennes decided to go with them. The story of his voyage turns out to be about a great deal more than geese. A blend of memoir, natural history, and travel writing, the book is also about homecoming: the birds on their long homeward journey north, the romance of homecomings in general, the urge to leave home and the even stronger need to return. The arc of Fiennes’ adventure is the backbone of a narrative rich in meditations on philosophy and natural science and perceptive in its descriptions of both physical and emotional travel. Noted author Rick Bass states "William Fiennes is a magician with language, a narrative genius, and one of the keenest and most lucid observers of birds—and American culture, and human nature—that I’ve read. This book is a shout-out-loud treasure." 


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Snow Geese (The): A Story of Home
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