Harnessing Power from the Sun (Energy Revolution Series)

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Harnessing Power from the Sun (Energy Revolution Series)

The titles in this series introduce students in grades 3 to 5 to the fast-changing arena of energy production and use. Each book begins with a definition of the energy form being discussed, followed by the challenges associated with that form of energy. The oldest and most important source of power for our planet is the Sun. This amazing book tells why solar power is becoming a very real replacement for our current energy sources. Detailed images feature different types of solar collectors, solar thermal plants, and solar cells, and help explain how they are used. Special case studies identify areas where solar power is already in use around the world. Topics include: a timeline and history of solar energy use, detailed diagrams that show how solar technologies work, and the experiences of people who have taken themselves “off the grid.” This Energy Revolution series title provides a well-rounded description of this alternative energy source, through full color photographs and engaging text.


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ISBN 9780778729266

Author: Niki Walker

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Harnessing Power from the Sun (Energy Revolution Series)
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