Where In The World Are You? (Knowledge Cards®)

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Where In The World Are You? (Knowledge Cards®)

This situational quiz deck invites you to determine a location on the basis of certain clues. A clue - for example "Suddenly, all is calm after days of rafting on thick, red water through furious rapids in Arizona's high desert. Where in the World Are You? appears on one side of the card. The opposite side answers the question and furnishes notes and observations on such topics as the location's geological formation, ecology and features. The cards' content is as diverse as their subjects, but all yield solid information, dry humor, and fine entertainment for the agile of mind. Whether you are a seasoned world travelor or embarking on your first big backcountry adventure, these cards will provide puzzlement and pleasure for your next trip. Deck contains 48 informative 3¼" by 4" cards.


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Where In The World Are You? (Knowledge Cards®)
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