Track Stencils

Trace-A-Track® animal track templates are reusable, durable, washable life-size stencils that are perfect for creating customized local track field guides, developing predator/prey scenarios, or developing fun and engaging track matching games. Templates can also be used to teach advanced animal tracking techniques such as stride and gait patterns. Each template features a front and hind animal track (to make right or left tracks, simply flip the template over). Paint permanent or temporary tracks on any surface, or use with water-based paints or chalk to create washable, ever-changing track patterns in schoolyard, camp or home settings. Create track patterns on t-shirts by spraying fabric inks over the templates. Printed locally on thick, waterproof material made from inorganic minerals—no trees or toxic agents (such as bleaching chemicals) are used in the manufacture of this green resource. Simply rinse template in soapy water to clean. Each set contains front and rear tracks for seven different species. Ages 6-adult.

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