Cat (Domestic) Tracking Stencils


Domestic Cat Tracking Stencils

Based on real tracks, these life-size mylar stencils are precision-cut to produce a perfect track outline. Each tracking stencil set includes one action stencil for creating common movement patterns and stencils representing front and hind feet (except for bird species which come with an action stencil and one track stencil). Stencils can be flipped over to create both right and left-sided prints. Each set also contains a natural history reference sheet that describes the animal’s ecological status, habitat, body shape, behavior, and diet along with illustrations of one or more track patterns. Contains suggestions for classroom and group activities. Use these stencil sets to create life-size track scenes to help illustrate predator/prey relationships or identify gaits and patterns. Create customized field guides, augment journals or art projects, use for embossing, creating track positives or make life-size animal track matching games. These stencils work well with colored pencils, paints, watercolor pencils, charcoals, and chalk.


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Cat (Domestic) Tracking Stencils
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