Professional Insect Net (12" Sweep)


Professional Insect Net (12” Sweep)

Sweep nets are used to brush through fields or over bushes to collect grasshoppers, beetles, and other insects that live on herbaceous plants and grasses. This extremely durable, lightweight net is designed for individuals who spend a lot of time in the field or require nets that will withstand heavy student use. The net features a strong ¾" x 3' anodized aluminum handle with a comfortable 4½" grip at the end. All component parts (net ring, pole, fasteners) are plated to avoid rust or corrosion. The long-wearing sweep net bag is made from strong, flexible canvas. The top rim of the net bag is banded with rugged sailcloth. Minimal assembly is required; when traveling, the net can be easily disassembled and reassembled. The complete net weighs under one pound (including handle, hoop, and net bag). Replacement net bags are available (see Related Products, below).


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Professional Insect Net (12" Sweep)
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