Raven/Owl Pellet Signature Display (Animal Signatures® Display Series)


Raven/Owl Pellet Signature Display (Animal Signatures® Display Series)

Just as we learn to identify the handwriting of others, we can learn to read “signatures” left behind by wildlife. By recognizing these animal clues, it is possible to conclude which animals are in the area. This unique, glass-topped display provides real examples of these clues, or signatures. Each sample is collected from the wild with careful regard to environmental impact, and assembled by Acorn Naturalists. Owl pellets are familiar to many, but ravens also produce pellets. With this display, discover the characteristic differences between raven and owl diets. Information about the samples shown is provided on the back, making this display perfect for educators. Our signature displays are recommended for ages 8 to adult.



Dimensions: 6" L x 8" W x ¾" D

Quoted from the label on the back of the display:

"Several hours after a night spent feasting on a vole or rat, an owl starts to form a pellet in its gizzard that consists of undigested bones, claws and fur. Eventually this mass is “coughed up,” removing indigestible material from the owl’s digestive tract. Owls are not the only birds that regurgitate pellets—herons, gulls, swallows, and ravens also form pellets, each with distinctive shapes and contents. The raven pellets on the left contain a mixture of bird, mammal and insect parts. The owl pellets on the right contain rodent bone, revealing the owls diet."

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Raven/Owl Pellet Signature Display (Animal Signatures® Display Series)
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