Snails and Slime Trails (Urban Life Science Module®)


Snails and Slime Trails (Urban Life Science Module®): Construct a Radula and Other Adventures with Garden Snails.

Acorn Naturalists’ Urban Life Science Module® series explores common plants and animals found in backyards and parks across North America. These unique ideas for introducing children to science concepts are perfect for ages 8 to 13.  This creative kit for studying garden snails contains a petri dish for observing snail foot undulations, a magnifying lens, snail information card, anatomy card, materials for a model radula, directions, and background information. The study cards are printed locally on recycled paper.


Urban Life Science Module® Mix and Match: Receive 10% off when ordering 10 or more of any items in this series. Upon checkout, discounts for all items are added together and collectively subtracted from the total.

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Snails and Slime Trails (Urban Life Science Module®)
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