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  Outdoor Education Activities
This section focuses on resources that take learning outside the classroom. Includes engaging activity kits and guidebooks, field equipment, observation tools and resources for teaching in outdoor environments.
  Environment-based Education
Included in this section are activities that provide relevant, hands-on, environment-based explorations of children's natural and physical environments. Improved observation skills, excitement about learning, positive social interactions and physical exercise are but a few of the documented benefits of environment-based learning.
  Tools for Interpreters
Included in this section are tips and reference books for natural and cultural interpreters. Also resources focusing on trail planning, writing guides, and nature center planning.
  Tracking Resources
Learning about animal tracks and tracking offers an exciting, engaging activity for teachers, naturalists, camp leaders, nature center educators and parents. Included are activity kits, guides, field equipment and supplies for casting tracks, and animal tracking references.
  Replicas and Models
Acorn Naturalists' extensive collection of quality replicas and models includes animal track, scat, skull, talon, claw, tooth, fur, feather, egg, fish and leaf replicas, as well as realistic models of insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals.
  Optical Supplies
In this section you will find a comprehensive selection of magnifiers, hand lenses, bug boxes, binoculars, microscopes and related observation tools.
  Science and Nature Kits
Acorn Naturalists focuses on developing engaging, field tested science and nature kits. We specialize in innovative activity kits that are inquiry oriented and designed to enrich classroom and field learning experiences.
  Educational Games
Included here are creative science and nature games. Designed for classrooms, outdoor education centers, after-school programs and camps seeking new, engaging learning tools that are both fun and highly educational.
  Nature Circles® Cards for NGSS
This section features Acorn Naturalists Nature Circles® activity cards that support Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).
  Classroom Posters
Acorn Naturalists offers a wide selection of quality science and nature education posters to enhance learning in your classroom, nature center, camp program, or home.
  Prepared Displays
Professional displays prepared by experienced curators and showcased in sturdy cases. Ideal hands-on additions for classroom discovery tables, nature centers or museum displays.
  Observation Supplies
Included here are containers for classroom and field observation of invertebrates, aquatic organisms and other creatures as well as a wide variety of resources for making museum-quality science and nature displays.
  Early Childhood Education
This section features creative, inquiry-oriented early childhood education resources. These hands-on science and nature activities are perfect for after school programs, preschool teachers, camp leaders, extended day care providers, and parents seeking to enrich a young child's learning environment.
  Children's Literature
Wide selection of children's literature with an emphasis on learning more about science and nature. These resources offer a perfect way to blend language arts with science learning, making reading relevant to topics that children are naturally curious about.
  Animal Puppets
Puppets are wonderful tools for teaching concepts such as food chain relationships, anatomy, behavior, diversity, and life cycles. In addition, for interpreters and naturalists, they make excellent models for introducing behavioral traits and adaptations found in wild animals. Children naturally gravitate toward puppets, making them an excellent enrichment tool for presentations, discussions, and enhanced storytelling.
Writing skills can be effectively enhanced through journaling. Writing down observations and thoughts encourages individuals to harness their creative energies and integrate science and nature with language arts, math, social studies, art and drama. When used effectively, journals can become a catalyst for developing a life-long interest in science and nature - sketches, field observations and notes are the clay that has molded many generations of innovative scientists.
  Art Activities
Includes art activity kits, fish printing supplies and replicas, leaf printing activities, sunprint kits, tools for preserving leaves and flowers, paper making kits and books, waterproof papers and field notebooks, rubbing plates, magnets, rubber stamps, sketching references, and science and nature music selections.
  Freshwater Ecosystems
Students naturally have an interest in exploring aquatic life - harnessing this energy can teach students about the importance of clean water as well as the biological diversity that aquatic environments support. We offer a comprehensive selection of resources for studying aquatic ecosystems.
  Saltwater Ecosystems
Marine environments, from beaches to tidepools to the open ocean, are always of interest to students and thus offer creative teaching opportunities. Many scientists can trace their roots to an early interest in marine biology that later morphed into other areas of science - the marine studies acted as the catalyst for a lifetime interest in science and the environment.
  Land Ecosystems
This section features a wide array of activity kits, field equipment and specialty resources for exploring terrestrial environments from forests and meadows to mountains, prairies, deserts, and urban environments.
  Field Guide Collection
Field identification manuals are found in every outdoor enthusiast's bookshelf. Acorn Naturalists carries the latest versions of the Nature Circles® Guides, Waterford Press Pocket Guides, Audubon, Peterson, Golden, Stokes, Sibley, and Kaufman guides. We also offer high quality field guide covers, custom designed to protect your guides.
  Waterford Press Nature Guides
Waterford Press produces very high quality fan-fold, weatherproof field guides. These informative publications are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, educators and naturalists. We carry their full line of over 500 different identification and activity guides.
  Plant Explorations
Includes plant presses, activity kits, ideas for developing schoolyard gardens, a wide selection of plant displays, large selection of tree cross-sections, informative plant posters and references.
  Animal Activities
Resources for introducing children to insects, fish, amphibians, birds and mammals. Features creative, hands-on activity kits and resources for learning about animal ecology, anatomy, physiology, behavior, adaptations, and care.
  Earth Sciences
Wide selection of unique, hands-on activity kits, supplies and resources for teaching earth science plus sections on weather and climate, astronomy and physical science.
  STEM Resources
Science joins with technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) for a richer and more realistic learning experience. Some schools have gone further, adding another “e” to the STEM acronym to infuse the environment into this cross-disciplinary thinking. Others have added an “a,” weaving art and design into the equation.

We see the opportunities that lie ahead for students and teachers, particularly as they relate to environment-based education as a perfect platform for exploring the core ideas in science, technology, engineering, math, and yes, art. As students journey onto school grounds, trails, and the edges of creeks, they discover that the knowledge they’ve gleaned has real-life meaning. The resources we offer have STEM applications. We have always sought materials that facilitate inter-disciplinary studies for the over two decades.

  Nature Book Series
Included in this section are science and nature books that are also found throughout this website in different age and subject appropriate categories. In this section, we have collected all of the many series for your review, all in one location.
  Nature DVDs
Acorn Naturalists offers a wide array of science and nature DVDs. In this section you will find all of the DVDs from various sections of this website all conveniently collected in one location.
  Unique Gifts
Welcome to our Gifts Inspired by Nature store! These listings contain our ever-expanding assortment of unique science and nature gift items. Please check this section often; new gift items are added continuously.
  Gift Certificates
Acorn Naturalists' gift certificates are perfect for anyone with an interest in science, nature, education or just exploring outdoors. They can be used for internet, phone, or mail purchases. The certificates make perfect gifts for teachers, naturalists, parents and children. You can even call in and order them - we can give you the certificate number over the phone or we can mail you a formal printed certificate. Certificates are available in any amount. Please call if you do not find what you are looking for in this section and we will issue a custom one for you. Gift certificates ordered online, by phone or in the store also have no tax or shipping charges attached to them (you can add them to your regular internet order order and no additional tax or shipping will be added to your total). They also never expire.
  Sale Tables
The educational resources in this section are offered at prices up to 60% off! All are in new condition as featured in earlier print catalogs. This list changes daily as products are added and sell out.
  New Education Resources for 2017

  California Naturalist Merchandise
The mission statement of the California Naturalist Program is to foster a diverse community of naturalists and promote stewardship of California's natural resources through education and service. Acorn Naturalists is pleased to have been selected as the distributor of the California Naturalist Program merchandise featured in this section.

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