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In this section you will find a wide selection of water quality monitoring books, CD's, water quality test kits, student test kits, GREEN (Global Rivers Environmental Education Network) test kits, LaMotte kits, water quality sampling equipment, secchi disks, enviro-safe thermometers, pocket thermometers, plankton sampling equipment and related activity guides.

  Comprehensive Water Quality Test Kits
This section includes the comprehensive water quality analysis kit, complete lake, stream and pond study kit, nitrogen pollution study kit, oil spill study kit, the porosity of soils and water flow kit and the Pondwater Tour kit.
  Individual Constituent Water Quality Test Kits
These high quality water quality test kits are perfect for high school or older students interested in studying water quality. Classroom kits include acid rain, alkalinity, ammonia-nitrogen, carbon dioxide, chlorine, coliform, copper, hardness (calcium, magnesium and total hardness), iron, nitrate-nitrogen, pH, phosphate, salinity, silica, sulfide and turbidity.
  Green (Global Rivers EE Network) Test Kits
Includes a variety of kits for the GREEN (Global Rivers Environmental Education Network) water quality sampling program. Included are the introductory water quality monitoring kit, the comprehensive water quality monitoring kit, individual GREEN modules: dissolved oxygen, coliform bacteria, pH, phosphate and turbidity.
  Insta-Test Test Strips
These strips are perfect for quick, simple testing of drinking water, well water, and various foods and beverages.
  Student Water Quality Test Kits
Includes individual student test kits that are perfect for home use as well. Tests include bacteria (presence/absence), chlorine, nitrogen, pH, copper, iron, oxygen, hardness and the tapwater tour kit.
  Water Quality Sampling Equipment
This section contains professional water quality sampling equipment, student water quality sampling equipment, secchi disks and bottom dredges.
  Plankton Sampling Equipment and Activities
Includes fine mesh plankton collection nets along with other resources for studying planktonic life.
  Aquatic Thermometers
Field thermometers, including the rugged Enviro-Safe® brand NIST-certified lab and field thermometers that do not contain mercury, mineral spirits, or alcohols.
  Water Quality Monitoring Titles
Guides to determining water quality.
  Groundwater Modeling
In this section we offer several reasonable yet effective groundwater modeling systems.

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