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Includes activity guides, observation containers, field equipment, replicas, life cycle models and references.

  Amphibian Activity Guides, DVDs, Field Equipment
Includes creative activity books, DVD's, replicas, field equipment and children's literature on frogs, toads, tadpoles, salamanders and newts.
  Headlamps for Observing Amphibians at Night
Perfect for hands-free observation of amphibians and other nocturnal insects, reptiles, and mammals.
  Field Observation Containers
Included here are containers for field and classroom observation of amphibians, small reptiles, invertebrates, aquatic organisms and other creatures as well as a wide variety of resources for making your own museum-quality displays.
  Amphibian and Reptile Housing
Includes a specialty housing for amphibians and reptiles, including appropriate lighting and monitoring equipment for measuring humidity and temperature factors.
  Amphibian and Reptile References
In this section you will find a compilation of guides from different sections of this website (field guide section, amphibian and reptile sections, etc) all compiled in one location.
  Amphibian Skull Replicas
In this section you will find museum quality amphibian skull replicas.
  Amphibian Model Collection
This section contains amphibian replicas. These accurate, durable, hand-painted, models are perfect for classroom learning centers. All are phthalate-free and comply with toy safety standards.
  Amphibian & Reptile Scat Replicas
Acorn Naturalists trademark ScatCast© replicas are custom arranged and cast from amphibian and reptile scat samples collected in the field by Acorn Naturalists.
  Reptile Activity Guides, DVDs and Field Equipment
Comprehensive selection of activity books, DVDs, field guides and equipment, and curricula for studying snakes, lizards, alligators and turtles. Includes guides on caring for specific reptile species and groups as well as equipment such as snake tongs, hooks for handling reptiles, and cloth bags (reptile sacks or snake bags) for safely transporting amphibians and reptiles.
  Reptile Skull Replicas
In this section you will find museum quality reptile skull replicas.
  Reptile Track Replicas
These life-size track replicas are individually cast using flexible vinyl polymers. Accurately cast from museum specimens to show every detail and unique identifying characteristic. Perfect hands-on resources for teaching anatomy, adaptations, behavior, ecology, or tracking skills. Use soapy cleansers to clean occasionally.
  Reptile Model Collection
This selection of reptile replicas includes accurate, durable, hand-painted models will last for years. Perfect for classroom learning centers.
  Reptile Puppets
This section includes a wide selection of creative, durable, anatomically accurate reptile puppets.

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