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Includes art activity kits, fish printing supplies and replicas, leaf printing activities, sunprint kits, tools for preserving leaves and flowers, paper making kits and books, waterproof papers and field notebooks, rubbing plates, magnets, rubber stamps, sketching references, and science and nature music selections.

  Activities Combining Art, Science, and Nature
Comprehensive selection of hands-on resources that combine art, science and nature and integrate these areas across the curriculum. This section includes art activity guides, art supplies, hands-on kits, field journals, educational coloring books, and more.
  Fish Printing Replicas and Kits (Gyotaku)
Fish printing, or Gyotaku, incorporates science (fish diversity, anatomy, ecology), art (create colorful paintings, note cards, displays), math (measure and count fins, proportions, count fin rays), reading (use with stories about aquatic environments) and creative writing (write fact or fiction about the fish prints). All ages and abilities can enjoy creating beautiful, unique, artistic prints. We now offer 24 different fresh and saltwater varieties.
  Acorn Naturalists Trace-A-Track® Templates
These reusable, durable, washable life-size templates are perfect for a wide range of activities. Create customized local track field guides, predator/prey animal scenarios, or track matching games. Templates can also be used to teach advanced tracking techniques. Each template features a front and hind animal track (to make right or left tracks, simply flip the template over). Paint permanent tracks on any surface, or use with water-based paints or chalk to create washable, ever-changing track patterns in schoolyard or camp settings. Create fun track patterns on t-shirts by spraying fabric inks over the templates. Printed locally on thick, waterproof paper made from inorganic minerals-no trees or toxic agents (such as bleaching chemicals) are used in the manufacture of this remarkably green resource. Rinse template in soapy water to clean. Each set contains front and rear tracks for seven different species. $29.90 set. MIX OR MATCH 10, $26.91 each.
  Acorn Naturalists Trace-A-Skull® Bird Templates
These life-size North American bird skull templates are perfect for making sketches or accurate two-dimensional skull replicas. Similar to our Trace-a-Track® templates, Trace-a-Skull® templates are durable, washable, and can be used with a variety of media including pencil, pen, paint, or charcoal. Printed on thick, waterproof paper made from inorganic materials. No trees or toxic agents (such as bleaching chemicals) are used in the manufacture of this green resource. For ages 7 to adult.
  Acorn Naturalists Trace-A-Skull® Mammal Templates
These life-size templates are perfect for making accurate two-dimensional skull replicas. Similar to Trace-a-Track® templates, Trace-a-Skull® templates are durable, washable, and can be used with a variety of media including pencil, pen, paint or charcoal. Twelve different species of mammal skull templates are available. Ages 7-adult.
  Casting Supplies and Kits
Acorn Naturalists offers an ideal casting compound (Perfect Cast)in convenient easy to use and store plastic tubs for field and classroom use. In this section you will also find Mold-it replica kits, mold-making and casting kits.
  Track Molds - (for making track replicas).
Made from flexible vinyl polymers, these innovative molds can be filled with plaster, clay or PerfectCast, the compound used by museum professionals (available from Acorn Naturalists). Use the positive track casts you make with these molds as instructional aids, pressing them into moist sand or dirt to create a story (such as coyote tracks chasing rabbit tracks), for ink prints, or to compare with field specimens. Everyone can have fun making tracks and students can take them home or make displays. Clean occasionally with soap and water. Each mold also features the name of the track and hind (H) or front (F) paw reversed out so that it appears correctly on the positive. Each of the species listed below includes a hind and a front track mold (set), unless designated as ea (birds, some mammals). For additional information on using these replicas, simply click here.
  Yucca Brushes, Clay Pigments, Face Painting Kits.
In this section you will find Acorn Naturalists one-of-a-kind natural paint brush making kit along with paints made from natural earth clays. Also natural earth face painting kits! Perfect for teachers, camp leaders, and afterschool programs. Create beautiful art using 100% natural materials.
  Rubber Stamp Kits and Ink Pads
Science and nature-oriented rubber stamp kits, including stamps of animal tracks, insects and nature images. Also in this section are colorful, non-toxic rubber stamp ink pads.
  Creative Journaling
Writing skills can be effectively enhanced through journaling. Journaling encourages individuals to harness their creative energies into organized thoughts, integrating science and nature with language arts, math, social studies, art and drama. When used effectively, journals can become a catalyst for developing a life-long interest in science and nature - sketches, field observations anbd notes are the clay that has molded many generations of innovative scientists.
  Waterproof Paper, Field Notebooks and Pens
Acorn Naturalists offers a wide selection of all-weather paper designed specifically for use in the outdoors. These papers repel water and are favored by artists because they can respond well to pencil sketching and shading. Manufactured by a company that knows that everything can’t stop just because it is raining - they are located near the Olympic Rain Forest in the Pacific Northwest.
  Leaf Replicas (flexible positives)
Actual imprints of leaves that have been cast in flexible vinyl for use in art projects or as a tool for plant identification. Press with various colors of stamp pads or roll on different colors of block inks to make leaf prints using a brayer. (Note: we also offer a full range of colorful block inks and brayers - simply type "block ink" or "brayer" in the search area at the top of each page). Leaf replicas range in size from 4-9”.
  Plant (Flower and Leaf) Presses
Wide selection of plant presses for preserving leaves, flowers, or entire specimens. All sizes, from convenient pocket presses to full-size professional versions. Also included in this section are supplies such as extra blotters, ventilators and expansion packs.
  Tree Cookies for Art and Tree Ring Analysis
Acorn Naturalists offers a wide selection of heat-treated tree limb cross sections procured from trimmings. These quality rounds range in size from 2" to 5" across by 1/4" to 1/2" thick. The rings on these cross sections vary in size and appearance depending on variations in climatic conditions where they grow and species variations. Oak species show characteristic radial rays. Tree rounds provide an ideal hands-on resource for introducing students to botany, forestry, dendrology and methods scientists use to determine past climatic conditions. Also available is a bark beetle life cycle demonstration kit, climate change kit, monocot/dicot kit, eastern and western tree round discovery kits, and light colored tree rounds for art projects.
  Paper Making Kits, Books, and Supplies
Recycled paper and other fiberous materials can be made into beautiful, creative papers. Contained in this section are paper making kits, supplies and activity books.
  Sketching Activities
Sketching offers a perfect way to combine art, writing, scientific observation and nature study. Included in this section are how-to books for all levels as well as kits containing the tools and supplies needed to get started or refine your techniques.
  Sunprint Kits (Photosensitive Paper)
Sunprint art utilizes sun-sensitive paper that can be developed using plain tap water. Natural objects such as ferns, feathers, flowers or leaves are placed under a transparent cover (provided) and exposed to the sun for from 1-5 minutes. Fun for all ages.
  Rubbing Plate Kits with Science and Nature Themes
Creative way for children to learn about science and nature while having fun. To make artistic rubbings, simply lay a sheet of paper over the top and rub with a pencil. Each set comes with directions and ideas for expanding this art form into many unique projects and lessons. Rubbing plate sizes range from 4 - 8 inches long. Engaging activities for children ages 5 and up. $10.90 each. MIX OR MATCH 10 (Rubbing Plates), $9.81 each.
  Peterson Field Guide Coloring Books
Coloring your own field guide is a fine way to learn how to recognize common plants and animals. Each book comes with a full set of color stickers that can be used to identify different species as well as provide guidance for coloring. Each species is described next to the coloring outline. Creative fun for ages 7-13. $8.80 each. MIX OR MATCH 10 (Peterson Field Guide Coloring Books), $7.92 each.
  Nature Sticker Books for All Ages
Use these quality stickers to create your own customized guides, decorate scrapbooks, make notecards or to supplement journal entries.
  Mobiles - Science and Nature Designs
These creative mobiles come ready to hang, with strong threads pre-attached to thin metal rods for quick assembly. Simply remove from package and mount-each is perfectly balanced and will float in different patterns with only the slightest breeze. Ideal for the classroom, outdoor education center or home. For ages 7-adult. $33.20 each. MIX OR MATCH 10, $29.88 each.
  Nature-themed Plastic Molds
These clear plastic molds can be filled with plaster of paris, clay, sand, soap, paper mache, chocolate, or Jell-o. Students can taste science now or just create fun food items that are sure to get comments. With the clays and paper casts, children can dry them and paint unique designs on the casts. Great fun for the classroom, nature center, or home. Average size of mold is 3 inches in diameter.
  Art Display Cases and Stands
Acorn Naturalists offers beautiful cases and stands for display and protection of art as well as for skull replicas, talon, claw or tooth replicas, dried flowers, seeds, gemstones, fossils or any thing else.
  American Indian Crafts and Activities
This section includes a wide array of resources, hands-on activity kits, games, and DVD's for introducing children to American Indian cultures and crafts.
  Learning through Music
Included are nature songs, environmentally-oriented music and outdoor education songs from many musicians, including Billy B Brennan, The Banana Slugs, JP Taylor, Stan Slaughter, Bungee Jumping Cows, Chris Rowlands, David Stokes, Ken Lonnquist, Jon Sherman, Lucas Miller, Michael Caduto, Steve Schuch, and more.

We now also offer a selection of live music clips on our website to help you select the music you are looking for. To listen, simply click on the Science and Nature Sounds and Songs button found near the bottom of each page, or click here.


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