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Includes activity kits and guides, bird houses and feeders, replicas, posters, puppets, and reference materials.

  Bird Activities, Games, DVD's and Puzzles
Large collection of hands-on activity guides, DVDs, creative games, and challenging puzzles for birdwatchers, classroom teachers, outdoor educators, park naturalists, camp leaders, parents and their children.
  Owls - Activity Guides, Pellets, Charts & Displays
This section includes owl pellet kits, a variety of natural owl pellets and synthetic perfect pellets, activity guides, DVDs, and owl reference guides. Also offered are metal forceps and probes for owl pellet dissections as well as bone sorting and identification charts. Several species of owl skull, egg and talon replicas are also available along with educational displays and posters discussing owl ecology and behavior.
  Perfect Pellets
These owl pellet replicas (Perfect Pellets) contain a complete disarticulated skeleton that can be studied using pellet bone sorting charts or diagrams. For a more diverse classroom experience, order a variety of species (build your own custom mix of the species offered).
  Bird Houses
Safe nesting sites are always in short supply for cavity-nesting birds. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the birdhouses available are more decorative than functional. After extensive research, we have found several small US companies that use only plantation-grown pine or non-aromatic western cedar to construct durable birdhouses. These exacting birdhouses get results - we personally installed and field-tested all of them in both eastern and western North American field locations. The natural, unpainted rough wood surfaces let young birds crawl around inside as they would in natural cavities. All incorporate ventilation, drainage, and easy cleaning features and come with suggestions for installation (location, height, etc).
  Bird Feeders
In this section you will find a variety of bird feeders. All feeders (and birdhouses) that we offer are handcrafted in the US. Also included are hummingbird feeders and goldfinch feeders.
  Bird Puppets
This section features a wide selection of creative, durable, anatomically accurate bird puppets.
  Audubon Plush Birds (with authentic sound)
These durable, 5" tall Audubon Birds accurately display each species’ vivid coloration! Perfect for storytelling and learning about birds. Song recordings are from actual recordings from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. $7.90 each. MIX OR MATCH 10, $7.11 each.
  Display Cases
Acorn Naturalists offers display cases that offer protection for anything you want to preserve. We have museum quality clear rectangular displays as well as glass and plastic-topped Riker-style display cases. Protect and display bird skull or talon replicas, owl pellet bones, or any other collectables that you want to display and protect.
  Bird Skull Replicas
This section includes a wide selection of museum quality bird skull replicas.
  Bird Skull Models®
These flat, two-dimensional, articulating North American bird skull models are precisely laser cut from life-size watercolor paintings. Their two-dimensional design (with jaws that move around a permanent grommet) makes them easy to use in the field or classroom when discussing food chains, reviewing birds that might live in the area, or for storytelling. Models are printed locally on thick, durable, waterproof paper made from inorganic materials. No trees or toxic agents (such as bleaching chemicals) are used in the manufacture of this unique green resource. When necessary, rinse models in soapy water to clean.
  Bird Trace-A-Skull® Templates
These life-size North American bird skull templates are perfect for making sketches or accurate two-dimensional skull replicas. Similar to our Trace-a-Track® templates, Trace-a-Skull® templates are durable, washable, and can be used with a variety of media including pencil, pen, paint, or charcoal. Printed on thick, waterproof paper made from inorganic materials. No trees or toxic agents (such as bleaching chemicals) are used in the manufacture of this green resource. For ages 7 to adult.
  Feather Replicas
After years of research and experimentation, we are pleased to present these accurate, life-size feather replicas scanned directly from permitted feather collections. Feathers are laser-cut and pop out individually from the sheet. Use these feather replicas to "seed" trails and have young explorers find and collect them. Spread them out on a table and have students organize, classify, and study key identifying features. These high resolution, two-sided feather images are printed on waterproof "paper" that is derived from minerals, not trees (thus no bleaching chemicals are used in the manufacture of these unique replicas). If needed, the feather replicas can be cleaned in warm soapy water. A total of 63 different bird North American bird species are represented. $29.90 per set. MIX OR MATCH 10, $26.91 per set.
  Egg Replicas, References, Magnets
Each of these life-size replicas is individually handcrafted to resemble eggs as they would be found in nature. Since they are hand-created one at a time, there is some variation, just as occurs in eggs in nature. These exquisite replicas are used in museum displays. Egg displays are also found in this section. For additional data on the bird egg replicas we offer simply click here. Ages 12 and up.
  Bird Track Replicas (soft replicas)
These life-size bird track replicas are individually cast using flexible vinyl polymers. They are accurately cast from museum specimens to show every detail, including unique identifying characteristics. Perfect hands-on resource for teaching anatomy, adaptations, behavior, ecology, or tracking skills. Use soapy cleansers to clean occasionally.
  Bird Track Replicas (hard replicas)
This collection of hard resin, life-size bird track replicas perfect for making imprints in sand tracking boxes or for making animal tracks in wet cement or the PerfectCast® replica compound that we offer. By comparison, flexible track replicas we also offer have the "feel" of a real paw and often show more detail (skin folds, pads) than the hard resin replicas. Each of these two track replica types have their own unique uses as hands-on teaching tools.
  Bird Track Molds
Made from flexible vinyl polymers, these bird molds can be filled with plaster, clay or PerfectCast®, the durable compound used by museum professionals (available from Acorn Naturalists). Use the track cast positives you make from these molds (negatives) as instructional aids, pressing the tracks into moist sand or dirt, or use to make ink prints, or compare your impressions with ones found in the field. Everyone can have fun making tracks—students or campers can take them home or make displays. Clean with soapy cleansers occasionally as needed. Each mold also features the name of the track reversed out so that it appears correctly on the positive.
  Bird ScatCast© Replicas
Acorn Naturalists trademark ScatCast© replicas are custom arranged and cast from bird scat samples collected in the field by Acorn Naturalists. Our ScatCast© replicas show every detail found in the original specimen: each is custom cast using tough, natural-looking, non-toxic, flexible vinyl polymers that last for years. Our smaller ScatCast© replicas are arranged and mounted on same color vinyl pads. Larger ones are arranged for a realistic look when placed on trails (many naturalists use these replicas to "seed" trails and then discuss "who was here," predator/prey relationships, or food preferences). To keep ScatCast© replicas looking fresh, clean occasionally with any liquid soap.
  Bird Model Collection
Selection of high quality, hand-painted bird replicas. Perfect hands-on tools for avian discussions and comparisons.
  Bird Identification Guides
In this section you will find a compilation of field guides from different sections of this website (field guide section, bird section, etc) all conveniently compiled in one location.
  Birding Binoculars, Spotting Scopes & Macroscopes
This section contains a selection of binoculars, spotting scopes and macroscopes. For an explanation of the numbers used to specify binocular magnifications and field of view click here.
  Identifying Bird Songs by Sound
One is often more likely to hears birds than to see them. Resources such as the CD series Birding by Ear will sharpen your skills - learn while driving to your favorite birding location or use in the home or classroom. Also included in this section are are Identiflyers, listening devices and more CD's that include different bird songs along with a myriad of other useful resources for field naturalists, bird watchers, teachers, outdoor educators and camp leaders.
  Bird Calls (duck, owl, hawk, crow, and others)
Bird calls are very useful tools for naturalists, outdoor educators, teachers and students interested in studying animal behavior, attracting birds for photographic purposes, or simply surveying an area to determine which species respond under what conditions/seasons. The calls we offer are the finest available, but don’t expect to imitate the animal perfectly the first time you try. The best way to learn is to head into the field and start practicing.
  Bird Saving Window Decals
Literally millions of birds are injured each year flying into windows. Over the years, we have tried a number of window guards designed to reduce bird impacts. Of all models tried, this one has proven to be the most effective. The decals appear frosted (yet see-through) for humans, but are coated with a material that reflects UV light, looking like a stoplight to birds (birds see more of the light spectrum than humans). For best results, place one of these 4" diameter, static-cling decals per 3’ x 3’ section of glass.
  Backyard Birds Series
Children are universally interested in the birds they see right outside their window or while on the school playground. Within these books, young children ages 5-7 learn basic facts about each bird, including habitat, behavior, life cycle, and identifying characteristics. Engaging text is supplemented with amazing photographs and useful range maps. $6.90 each. MIX OR MATCH 10, $6.21 each.
  Eagles, Hawks, Osprey, Vultures, Falcons
Unique activity guides, DVD's and reference books on birds of prey, including hawks, eagles, osprey, falcons and carrion feeders such as vultures. Also includes detailed hawk, eagle, falcon, vulture and condor skull replicas, useful for studying comparative anatomy in classrooms, nature centers and visitor centers.
  Talon Replicas
These realistic bird talon replicas show how raptors are able to grasp their prey securely using their talons as hooks.

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