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ITEM #: T-23057
PRICE: $29.95

Resource Description
CHINCHILLA KIND FUR® (Swatch). Acorn Naturalists. This fur replica demonstrates the thick, silky-soft coat of the chinchilla (Chinchilla lanigera). Chinchillas come in many color phases, from silvery gray to shades of brown.

Each double sided Kind Fur® swatch is identified. A strong ribbon loop at one end facilitates clipping the swatch to a belt or backpack. These 9 inch by 5 inch swatches also fit easily into a backpack or on a classroom discovery table.

Replica fur (Kind Fur®) is an ideal resource for educators and unlike real fur, replica fur does not have special storage or treatment requirements. It also does not require knowledge of complex regulations regarding state of origin fur tags, permits, transfers, and other record keeping. Most importantly, Kind Fur® does not require the removal of animals better left in the wild.

In nature, there is tremendous variation in fur color, even on a single specimen, let alone among the same species from different locations or during different seasons. Kind Fur® is close in appearance (and feel) to real furs, but won't match perfectly with any given animal pelt. #T-23057. Mix or match any 10 Kind Fur® Swatches and receive 10% off!

You can also download a description of all of the Kind Fur® replicas we offer by clicking here.

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