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Acorn Naturalists offers beautiful cases and stands for display and protection of skull replicas, talon, claw or tooth replicas, dried flowers, seeds, gemstones, fossils or any thing else.

  Clear Acrylic Display Cases
These sturdy, crystal clear display cases are perfect for housing skull replicas, fossils, shells, rocks, artifacts, or any other collectables. Cases are easy to open and close yet seal in such a way as to keep dust out and fragile specimens safe from breakage. Perfect for both long-term storage as well as for seasonal classroom, nature center or educational camp displays. For a brief video showing how to open the display cases, click here. Note: depending on download speed, it may take about a minute or so for this clip to load and play.
  Glass-topped 3/4" Deep Display Cases
These glass-topped display cases offer protection for specimens, pressed flowers, seeds, owl pellet bones, gemstones, fossils, or art projects. Features a glossy black case with 3/4” thick white jeweler’s fiber inside. Secure lid with long pins (supplied) or simply seal with black electrical tape.
  Plastic-topped 3/4" Display Cases
These 3/4" display cases are identical to the glass-topped ones we offer, except that the covering is flexible plastic instead of glass. Ideal for displays handled by younger children.
  Glass-topped 2" Deep Display Cases
These glass-topped display cases come filled with a 2" thick layer of white jeweler's fiber. Perfect for bulky seeds, fossils, gemstones—anything requiring greater depth. Features a glossy black case secured with long pins (supplied) or seal with black electrical tape.
  Glass-topped 3/4" Sectional Display Cases
These 12" x 16" x 3/4" glass-topped sectional display cases come with two sizes of divided light grey inserts (one with 12 compartments and another with 20). Perfect for displaying collections of seeds, fossils, gemstones—anything you wish to sort or divide. Secure lid with long pins (supplied) or seal with black electrical tape.
  Display Case Stand & Accessories
This section includes a display case stand, as well as display case hooks, feet, and clips.
  Natural Pine Display Stands for Egg Replicas
Each of these stands are hand crafted from tree rounds sliced from tree trimmings that are sustainably collected and then cut, baked, sanded, drilled and sealed. Each is different, with the natural, concentric growth rings beautifully accenting any oval egg replica. Seven versions available. These base stands can also be placed inside the clear specimen display cases we offer.

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