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Included here are containers for field and classroom observation of amphibians, small reptiles, invertebrates, aquatic organisms and other creatures as well as a wide variety of resources for making your own museum-quality displays.

  Animal Housing and Field Observation Containers
Includes screened observation containers, a variety of small aquaria, butterfly houses, insect rearing chambers, and small animal habitats.
  Clear Round Display/Storage Containers
Hard, crystal-clear containers are perfect for undistorted viewing. Use for observation of aquatic macroinvertebrates, insects, spiders, plants, shells, or rock and mineral specimens. Lids fit over the container—to secure, simply circle outer lid with any kind of tape.
  Field Collecting Jars: Square Grip Containers
Perfect or viewing and transporting specimens in the field. These crystal clear, unbreakable grip-style containers are made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), commonly used to package food products. These are perfect for field work—lightweight, shatter-resistant and recyclable. Comes with white ribbed lid with a sealing liner that can be taken out and washed if needed and used multiple times. Available in two handy sizes.
  Flexible Plastic Bottles with Lids
These virtually indestructable flexible polypropylene jars will not crack or shatter if dropped and yet have reasonable clarity. Ideal for passing around catch-and-release specimens when viewing them in the field.
  Plastic Vials with Snap Caps
Crystal clear polystyrene vials with white polyethylene snap caps. Perfect for use in the field to observe small insects, soil samples or pond life. Five convenient sizes are available.
  Flexible Plastic Beakers
Virtually indestructable polypropylene beakers for classroom use. Excellent clarity and chemical resistance, these useful measuring beakers are autoclavable and feature easy-to-read raised graduations on the outside of the beaker.
  Display Cases
Acorn Naturalists offers display cases that offer protection for anything you want to preserve. We have museum quality clear rectangular displays as well as glass and plastic-topped Riker-style display cases. Protect and display skull replicas, talon, claw or tooth replicas or dried flowers, seeds, owl pellet bones, gemstones, fossils or any other collectables that you want to display and protect.
  Chipboard Storage and Sorting Boxes
These sturdy brown chipboard specimen storage and sorting boxes feature a white molded plastic interior partition. Use for organizing specimens by category for convenient access and for teaching sorting and classification skills. Ideal for storage of mineral specimens, fossils, soils, shells, seeds or other collectables.
  Plastic Storage and Sorting Boxes
Clear hard plastic storage/sorting boxes with hinged lids. Use for organizing and displaying items such as gemstones, minerals, fossils, seeds or any other collectables. Made from strong, crystal clear acrylic, they are easily stacked for storage. Line with cotton or tissue for storing delicate specimens.
  Headlamps for Hands-free Observation
Perfect for hands-free observation of nocturnal insects, amphibians, reptiles, or mammals.

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