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LaMotte kits are known for their reliability, ease of use, and accuracy. Acorn Naturalists has been providing educators with high quality LaMotte resources for over twenty-five years. In this section you will find a comprehensive selection of kits for freshwater, saltwater, soil, plant, aquatic insect and environmental analysis. To help you locate what you are looking for, resources are listed both alphabetically and by category.

  All LaMotte Resources in Alphabetical Order
Listed here, in alphabetical order, are freshwater, saltwater, soil, invertebrate, plant and environmental analysis kits and related supplies from LaMotte. LaMotte is known for producing reliable, accurate and easy to use water quality testing kits, environmental analysis equipment and field study resources.
  Freshwater Water Quality Test Kits
This section features freshwater quality test kits from LaMotte, known for their reliable, accurate and easy to use test kits. For additional resources for studying freshwater ecosystems, please click here.
  GREEN (Global Rivers EE Network) Test Kits
Includes a variety of LaMotte kits for the GREEN (Global Rivers Environmental Education Network) water quality sampling program. Included here is the introductory water quality monitoring kit, the comprehensive water quality monitoring kit, and individual GREEN water quality testing modules.
  InstaTest Strips
This section features LaMotte water quality test strips, known for their ease of use and reliability.
  TOUR Curriculum Packages
These innovative, hands-on analysis curricula are designed for elementary and middle-school environmental science education. Each tour is inquiry-based and includes lecture materials, illustrated hand-outs, teacher tips, test proceures, TesTabs reagents and test strips, data sheets, and a variety of word puzzles to reinforce concepts. These packages are easy to use, accurate, and offer an excellent overview for students.
  Individual Science Project Kits
Perfect for individual investigation of tap, pond, stream, lake or ocean water. Each of these kits contain specific instructions along with creative suggestions for student science projects. $24.70 each. MIX OR MATCH 10, $22.23 each.
  Environmental Analysis Kits
This section features a variety of LaMotte environmental analysis kits. LaMotte kits are known for their reliability, accuracy and ease of use.
  Saltwater Analysis Kits
Included here are LaMotte saltwater quality test kits, known for their reliability, accuracy and ease of use. For additional resources for saltwater studies, please click here.
  Aquatic Insect Study Kits and Supplies
Included here are LaMotte kits and supplies for studying aquatic insects and other aquatic macroinvertebrates. For additional resources for looking at insects and other invertebrates, please click here.
  Nets for Aquatic Field Studies
This section features our selection of LaMotte aquatic nets, known for their quality and durability. For additional nets and other resources for studying aquatic life, please click here.

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