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In this section you will find an array of non-fiction series with science and nature themes. A broad variety of age groups and interests are available.

Alphabet and Counting Books for Ages 3-8
Intriguing, beautifully illustrated series for young children. Filled with fascinating stories and tales about a vast array of creatures and their habitats.
  Amazing Animal Scientists Series for Ages 7-9
These engaging books combine ecology with scientific principles. Young readers in grades 3-4 see how animals have adapted to their environments. The series explores animals’ use of anatomy, behavior, and engineering to overcome environmental challenges such as escaping a predator, making a shelter, or finding food.
  Animal Helpers Series for Ages 4-8
Many individuals, from early years on, show an interest in wildlife conservation and rehabilitation. The books in this series combine amazing photographs with engaging text for readers ages 4-8. Learn about the newest animal care programs in zoos, wildlife sanctuaries, aquariums, and raptor centers. Books capitalize on children's natural interest in discovering how individuals go about helping animals.
  Animal Senses and Anatomy Book Series
Includes books in the new animal senses and anatomy series for children.
  Animal Trackers Series for Ages 7-9
Animal trackers learn how to record the habitat requirements, population trends, migration routes, and diets of animals in order to develop effective conservation programs. This series reveals the exciting, cutting-edge techniques that trackers use to study and follow animals in their natural habitats. Grades 3-4.
  Backyard Birds Series for Ages 5-7
Children are universally interested in the birds they see right outside their window or while on the school playground. Within these books, young children ages 5-7 learn basic facts about each bird, including habitat, behavior, life cycle, and identifying characteristics. Engaging text is supplemented with amazing photographs and useful range maps.
Big Science Ideas Series for Ages 8-9
This series offers an ideal way to help students in grades 2-3 learn about animal diversity, form and function. Captivating text is accompanied by dramatic color photographs.
Carnivore/Herbivore/Omnivore Series for Ages 8-9
These three books for children in grades 2-3 (ages 8-9) explore the three major dietary preferences found in the animal kingdom. Each features spectacular color photographs plus a 28 minute CD with additional images and a series of interactive questions.
  City Safari Books for Ages 4-7
Who needs to fly to Africa or visit a safari park when there is so much wildlife on our doorsteps? Each book in this series looks at a different wild animal and takes the reader on a “city safari.” Special Spotter’s Clues symbols highlighting key animal behaviors and features are used throughout the books to enable readers to go on their own city safari once they have finished reading. For children ages 4-7.
  Energy Revolution Series for Ages 10-11
Introduces students in grades 4-5 to the fast-changing arena of energy production and use. Each title begins with a definition of the energy form being discussed, followed by challenges associated with each form of energy. This series provides a well-rounded picture of alternative energy sources. Each book features full color photographs and an engaging text.
  Green Team Series for Ages 9-10
Each book in this series encourages children in grades 3-4 to take basic steps to protect their environment and work toward a sustainable future. Each volume features case studies that show how children can take part in addressing each concern.
  Life Cycles Series for Ages 7-9
This acclaimed series takes young readers ages 7-9 through the stages of life that all plants and animals share: starting out, growth, and adulthood. Colorful photographs accompany a rich, flowing narrative. Each book contains a wealth of information in an easy-to-access format.
One Small Square Series for Ages 6-10
This interactive, popular book series effectively teaches children how to observe nature closely at the same time as teaching basic scientific methods. Each has beautiful illustrations to accompany an informative text. Along with habitat descriptions, these books feature suggested activities to extend studies from the classroom out into the field. Ages 6-10.
  Seasonal Math in Nature Books for Ages 5-8
This excellent series for children ages 5-8 introduces math concepts such as numbers, counting, patterns, shapes, measurement, symmetry, spatial relationships, time, and even simple geometry. Each topic is described through observation of natural world, attuned to seasonal events, and presented with poetic prose and beautiful artwork that will keep a child's attention throughout. This collection of four hardcover titles includes Sorting through Spring, Shaping Up Summer, Counting on Fall, and Sizing Up Winter. For children ages 5-8.
Take-along Nature Guides for Ages 5-10
Children ages 5-10 will enjoy the creative activities and helpful identifications found in this series. Each guide is beautifully illustrated, well written, and inquiry-oriented - perfect for hands-on learning.
  Voices for Green Choices Series for Ages 11-14
Offers biographical portraits of individuals who have advanced the goal of achieving a greener, more sustainable world. Each title reveals informed solutions for complex environmental issues. For students in grades 5-8.
  Watch It Grow Series for Ages 4-7
Capture the natural curiosity of young children, ages 4-7, by sharing these image-rich books.
  Weather Wise Book Series
Includes books in the new weather wise series for children.
  Women in Conservation Series for Ages 8-10
This series offers insight into the work of four ground-breaking conservationists. Each book looks at what inspired the individual, their methodology and the global impact of their endeavors. Ages 8-11.

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