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This section focuses on resources that take learning outside the classroom. Includes engaging activity kits and guidebooks, field equipment, observation tools and resources for teaching in outdoor environments.

  Acorn Naturalists Nature Circles® Activity Guides
Nature Circles® Activity Guides consist of a collection of creative cards filled with ideas, activities, and identifications. Each set contains includes introductory cards, science activity cards, resource cards, and a Make Your Own activity card. $11.90 each. MIX OR MATCH 10 (Nature Circles Cards), $10.71 each.
  Outdoor Activity Kits
Acorn Naturalists focuses on developing engaging, field tested science and nature kits. We specialize in innovative activity kits that are inquiry oriented and designed to enrich classroom and field learning experiences.
  Outdoor Activity Books
This section contains a wide selection of hands-on activities, engaging games, outdoor curricula, mapping activities, leadership manuals and specialty items for outdoor educators.
  Animal Tracking Resources
Learning about animal tracks and tracking offers an exciting, engaging activity for teachers, naturalists, camp leaders, nature center educators and parents. Included are activity kits, guides, field equipment and supplies for casting tracks, and animal tracking references.
  Informative Nature Displays
Professional displays prepared by experienced curators and showcased in sturdy cases. Ideal hands-on additions for classroom discovery tables, nature centers or museum displays.
  Hand Lenses and Field Binoculars
Included here are containers for classroom and field observation of invertebrates, aquatic organisms and other creatures as well as a wide variety of resources for making museum-quality science and nature displays.
  Collection and Observation Supplies
Included here are containers for classroom and field observation of invertebrates, aquatic organisms and other creatures as well as a wide variety of resources for making museum-quality science and nature displays.
  Outdoor Guides from Waterford Press
Waterford Press produces very high quality fan-fold, weatherproof field guides. These informative publications are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, educators and naturalists. We carry their full line of over 500 different identification and activity guides.
  Posters for Outdoor Educators
Acorn Naturalists offers a wide selection of quality science and nature education posters to enhance outdoor learning.
  Bird and Mammal Calls
The calls we offer are the finest available, but don’t expect to imitate the animal perfectly the first time you try. The best way to learn is to head into the field and start practicing, listening to tapes or mimicking the birds themselves. Note: although the directions in these calls often refer to hunting, these calls are also effective at bringing birds and mammals closer for photography or observation purposes.
  Orienteering Tools and Techniques
Features a wide selection of materials for teaching orienteering, including instructor kits, compasses, GPS systems, and training manuals.
  Outdoor Activity Bandanas
These science and nature activity bandanas offer a perfect way to turn outdoor explorations into into great adventures! These durable, washable, 22 inch square scarves are perfect for breaking the ice or for learning how to make focused observations when visiting a forest, field, desert, pond, or beach. Ideal for naturalists, teachers, camp leaders, parents and children. Activities involve observations, scavenger hunts, clue games, and identifications. $6.90 each. MIX OR MATCH 10 (Game Bandanas), $6.21 each.
  Learning through Journaling
Writing skills can be effectively enhanced through journaling. Writing down observations and thoughts encourages individuals to harness their creative energies and integrate science and nature with language arts, math, social studies, art and drama. When used effectively, journals can become a catalyst for developing a life-long interest in science and nature - sketches, field observations and notes are the clay that has molded many generations of innovative scientists.
  Waterproof Paper and Pens
Acorn Naturalists offers a wide selection of all-weather paper designed specifically for use in the outdoors. These papers repel water and are favored by artists because they can respond well to pencil sketching and shading. Manufactured by a company that knows that everything can’t stop just because it is raining - they are located near the Olympic Rain Forest in the Pacific Northwest.
  Developing a Sense of Place
Included in this section are a number of resources to help children and adults get outside to connect with their local environment, thus developing a stronger sense of place. In so doing, individuals often come to understand that their efforts really do make a difference and that their interactions with both natural and built communities influence their emotional and intellectual growth in a positive manner.
  Interpretive Activity Booklets
These packed 16 page booklets are now back in print. Packed with unique activities for outdoor interpreters and educators! $7.90 each. MIX OR MATCH 10, $7.11 each.
  Discovering Nature at Night
With appropriate guidance, children are fascinated by the outdoors at night. This section offers activity books that help interpreters, teachers, students, camper leaders and parents explore the diverse forms of life that emerge after sundown. For a complete selection of nighttime astronomy activities, simply type in the word astronomy in the search area at the top of each page.
  Headlamps for Hands-free Observation
Perfect for hands-free observation of nocturnal insects, amphibians, reptiles, or mammals.
  Astronomy Activities
In this section are resources for enhancing the nocturnal programs of outdoor educators, extending the day into the wonder and excitment of night hikes, constellation identification and associated storytelling.
  Take-Along Guide Series
Children ages 5-10 will enjoy the creative activities and helpful identifications found in this series. Each guide is beautifully illustrated and inquiry-oriented. $7.90 each. MIX OR MATCH 10 (Take-Along Guides), $7.11 each.
  Take-a-Walk Series
These hands-on activity books introduce children to the world at their doorstep, teaching them how to keep a field notebook on the plants and animals they discover. Using a hands-on approach, students also learn the skills to identify what they find. These guides are ideal for introducing children ages 8-13 to the world right outside their door. $9.90 each. MIX OR MATCH 10, $8.91 each.

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