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Includes plant presses, activity kits, ideas for developing schoolyard gardens, a wide selection of plant displays, large selection of tree cross-sections, informative plant posters and references.

  Plant Activities, Games and Kits
This section includes activity guides, creative games, kits, and DVD's, cross-cultural uses of plants, ethnobotany, seed dispersal, spring and fall leaf changes, science fair projects in botany, plant growing kits, leaf replicas, books on collecting and preserving plants, flower magnets.
  Natural Paint Brush & Pigment Kits
In this section you will find Acorn Naturalists one-of-a-kind natural paint brush making kit along with paints made from natural earth clays and natural plant pigments. Perfect for teachers, camp leaders, and afterschool programs. Perfect combination of art and nature: create beautiful art using 100% natural materials.
  Plant Displays
In this section you will find a wide variety of botanical displays to help students learn about plant diversity, adaptations and identification. Included are displays of plant parasites, plant defenses, leaf shapes and arrangements, stem adaptations, leaf venation, lichen forms, monocot and dicot characteristics, fern life cycles, conifer life cycles, algae types, wildflowers, fungi, poison oak and poison ivy identification, comparisons of hardwoods and softwoods, fruit types, commercial grains and oak leaves and acorns. All botanical displays are museum-quality and are mounted in glass-topped display cases.
  Tree Ring Study Kits and Cross-Sections
Acorn Naturalists offers a wide selection of heat-treated tree limb cross sections procured from trimmings. These quality rounds range in size from 2" to 5" across by 1/4" to 1/2" thick. The rings on these cross sections vary in size and appearance depending on variations in climatic conditions where they grow and species variations. Oak species show characteristic radial rays. Tree rounds provide an ideal hands-on resource for introducing students to botany, forestry, dendrology and methods scientists use to determine past climatic conditions. Also available is a bark beetle life cycle demonstration kit, climate change kit, monocot/dicot kit, eastern and western tree round discovery kits, and light colored tree rounds for art projects.
  Plant Presses & Supplies
This section includes how-to guides on collecting and preserving plants, student and professional plant presses, plant press driers, and ventilators. Also in this section are smaller plant presses, including the gardener's (flower) press, and a lightweight pocket size field plant press. For more information on the use of plant presses, simply click here.
  Magnifiers, Hand Lenses and Optical Supplies
In this section you will find a comprehensive selection of magnifiers, hand lenses, bug boxes, binoculars, microscopes and related observation tools.
  Gardens for Learning
This section features hands-on resources for combining educational activities with gardening. Included are a wide array of kits, activity guides, composting guides and supplies, soil test kits, soil organism discovery kits, composting games and posters.
  Plant References, Supplies and Field Guides
This section includes plant identification cards, sort key guide to trees, references on grasses, wildflowers, Fandex guides, oak woodland and chaparral science activity kits, books on poison ivy and lichens along with a complete selection of folding pocket magnifiers, stereo microscopes and magnifiers for looking closely at leaf and flower structure.
  Leaf, Stem, Seed and Crop Identification Kits
This section includes creative leaf and stem identification games, leaf collections, twig, tree and leaf identification kits, How a Tree Grows kit and the Seed Identification Kit.
  Display Cases and Stands
Acorn Naturalists offers beautiful cases and stands for display and protection of skull replicas, talon, claw or tooth replicas, dried flowers, seeds, gemstones, fossils or any thing else.
  Paper Making Kits, Activities and Supplies
Recycled paper and other fiberous materials can be made into beautiful, creative papers. Contained in this section are paper making kits, supplies and activity guides.
  Acorn Naturalists Marine Algae Rubber Stamps
Custom designed from images of marine algae created from photographs taken in the field. Perfect supplement to fish printing or other art projects. Each rubber stamp measures 3" x 4" and is permanently mounted on an easy-to-grip wood block. Each different design is beautifully etched into the top of the wooden stamp block, allowing you to position the image exactly where you want it to appear.
  Leaf Replicas for Making Leaf Print Art
Actual imprints of leaves that have been cast in flexible vinyl for use in art projects or as a tool for plant identification. Press with various colors of stamp pads or roll on different colors of block inks to make leaf prints using a brayer. (Note: we also offer a full range of colorful block inks and brayers - simply type "block ink" or "brayer" in the search area at the top of each page). Leaf replicas range in size from 4-9”.
  Acorn Naturalists Discovery Kits and Games
Acorn Naturalists has developed a wide array of unique hands-on science and nature activity kits, games, and modules for teachers, outdoor educators and parents. In this section you will find a selection of some of educational resources available exclusively from Acorn Naturalists.

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