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Acorn Naturalists focuses on developing engaging, field tested science and nature kits. We specialize in innovative activity kits that are inquiry oriented and designed to enrich classroom and field learning experiences.

  Acorn Naturalists Discovery Kits and Modules
Acorn Naturalists has developed a wide array of unique hands-on science and nature activity kits, games, and modules for teachers, outdoor educators and parents. In this section you will find a selection educational resources available exclusively from Acorn Naturalists.
  Acorn Naturalists Wildlife Discovery Kits
Acorn Naturalists Wildlife Discovery Kits feature hands-on resources that present close-up views of North American animals. Designed for ages 7-11, each module contains a realistic puppet, natural history book, animal model, replicas of tracks, teeth, and claws, blackline masters, and activity guide. Engaging, thought-provoking investigations focus on each animal’s adaptations and behaviors—key components for life science identified in the National Research Council’s new Framework for K-12 Science Education. Turn your learning center or discovery corner into a natural history lab complete with working skull models, sleuthing activities, stamping stations, reading material, and art projects.
  Acorn Naturalists Outdoor Exploration Packs
Acorn Naturalists Get Outdoors!® Field Packs are designed for children ages 7-11. Each contains a selection of books and equipment related to the topic. Packs are designed as starter kits that initiate interest in the field while teaching basic observation and identification skills. These unique, effective educational resources are available exclusively from Acorn Naturalists.
  Acorn Naturalists Create-A-Scene® Nature Dioramas
These kits feature a generous selection of natural materials for a realistic appearance. Each biome kit includes six or more hand-painted animal replicas, and offers a unique mix of habitat-appropriate rocks, leaves, logs and substrate, along with an original line-drawing of a background (to be colored in). Additionally, the kit contains three extra blank cards for creating more scenes along with an “animal clue” item (such as a squirrel-chewed pine cone in the evergreen forest diorama) to add interest and intrigue. Creatively supplement these hands-on displays with locally collected resources. Each kit is packaged in a 11" long x 9" wide x 6" deep custom-designed stained wooden box with a sliding lid. Turn the box on its side to create the “theater” for the diorama. Includes instructions and suggestions for supplemental activities. Twelve different habitats from different biomes are offered. Each kit contains different blends of the resources listed above along with the specific animals listed below. For ages 7 and up. $69.90 each. MIX OR MATCH 10, $62.91 each.
  Acorn Naturalists Animal Replica Packs®
These comprehensive replica packs allow for in-depth study of 10 common North American mammals. Each pack includes the skull replica cast, flexible track replicas, flexible track molds (for making casts), a ScatCast® replica, Trace-A-Skull template, articulating Skull Model®, Nature Circles® Track/Scat Card Set, Nature Circles® Skulls Card Set, DuraGuide to Animal Skulls and Bones, DuraGuide to Animal Tracking and the Pocket Naturalist Guide to Animal Tracks. All of these carefully selected resources come in a reusable storage box. For ages 10-adult.
  Acorn Naturalists Skull Replica Study Kits
In this section you will find three very popular skull replica study kits developed by Acorn Naturalists. Included here are (1) the Food Chain Discovery Kit, (2) the Animal Adaptations Study Kit, and (3) the Bird Beak Specialization Kit.
  Acorn Naturalists Family Science Adventure Kits
These kits were first developed by Acorn Naturalists over fifteen years ago and since that time, hundreds of children and parents have enjoyed using them to learn about different habitats. Includes Backyard, Chaparral, Tidepool, Creek and Oak Woodland kits.
  Acorn Naturalists Tree Ring Analysis Kits
Acorn Naturalists offers a wide selection of heat-treated tree limb cross sections procured from trimmings. These quality rounds range in size from 2" to 5" across by 1/4" to 1/2" thick. The rings on these cross sections vary in size and appearance depending on variations in climatic conditions where they grow and species variations. Oak species show characteristic radial rays. Tree rounds provide an ideal hands-on resource for introducing students to botany, forestry, dendrology and methods scientists use to determine past climatic conditions. Also available is a bark beetle life cycle demonstration kit, climate change kit, monocot/dicot kit, eastern and western tree round discovery kits, and light colored tree rounds for art projects.
  Acorn Naturalists Yucca Brush Kits & Paints
In this section you will find Acorn Naturalists one-of-a-kind natural yucca paint brush making kit along with paints made from natural earth clays and natural plant pigments. Perfect for teachers, camp leaders, and afterschool programs. Perfect combination of art and nature: create beautiful art using 100% natural materials.
  Water Quality and Environmental Test Kits
Acorn Naturalists has been providing educators with high quality LaMotte test kits and other environmental testing resources for over twenty-five years. In this section you will find a comprehensive selection of kits for freshwater, saltwater, soil, plant, aquatic insect and environmental analysis. To help you locate what you are looking for, resources are listed both alphabetically and by category.
  Fish Printing Replicas, Inks, Paper and Kits
Fish printing, or Gyotaku, incorporates science (fish diversity, anatomy, ecology), art (create colorful paintings, note cards, displays), math (measure and count fins, proportions, count fin rays), reading (use with stories about aquatic environments) and creative writing (write fact or fiction about the fish prints). All ages and abilities can enjoy creating beautiful, unique, artistic prints. We offer a wide selection of both fresh and saltwater species.
  Owls - Activity Guides, Pellets, Charts & Displays
This section includes owl pellet kits, a variety of natural owl pellets and synthetic perfect pellets, activity guides, DVDs, and owl reference guides. Also offered are metal forceps and probes for owl pellet dissections as well as bone sorting and identification charts. Several species of owl skull, egg and talon replicas are also available along with educational displays and posters discussing owl ecology and behavior.
  Science Discovery Kits
In this section you will find a wide array of engaging hands-on science kits, including kits that teach about rocks and minerals, crystals, chemistry, physics, earthquakes and volcanoes, solar power, fossils and more.
  Science Wiz Kits
Designed for students ages 8-13, these kits are designed on the premise that imagination, investigation and fascination are core elements of learning. From Inventions,/i> to Energy kits, these resources are geared toward helping kids become Science Wiz kids!
  Sunprint Kits (Photosensitive Paper)
Sunprint art utilizes sun-sensitive paper that can be developed using plain tap water. Natural objects such as ferns, feathers, flowers or leaves are placed under a transparent cover (provided) and exposed to the sun for from 1-5 minutes. Creative, hands-on learning for all ages.
  Energy and Society Program Kit (PLT)
This comprehensive kit provides formal and nonformal educators with tools and activities to help students in grades PreK–8 learn about their relationship with energy and investigate the environmental issues related to energy’s role in society. This kit features an activity booklet, a series of posters, and two CDs of lively music by the talented musician Billy B.
  Bat House Kit
This activity kit allows children ages 6 and up to construct and install their own bat houses. All materials needed are included, along with directions.
  Afterschool Investigators Kit
This kit from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology offers innovative indoor and outdoor science activities developed with the unique, informal nature of afterschool and club programs in mind. Designed for grades 3 through 8.
  Composting Kits, Tools and Techniques
Includes a number of activity guides, reference posters on composting and several sizes of worm bins for producing compost. Also includes creative songs about composting (Rot 'n Roll) and worm activity kits and two-way magnifiers for watching worms move.
  Science and Nature Activity Bandanas
These science and nature activity bandanas offer a perfect way to turn explorations into into great adventures! These durable, washable, 22 inch square scarves are perfect for breaking the ice or for learning how to make focused observations when visiting a forest, field, desert, pond, or beach. Ideal for naturalists, teachers, camp leaders, parents and children. Activities involve observations, scavenger hunts, clue games, and identifications. $6.90 each. MIX OR MATCH 10 (Game Bandanas), $6.21 each.
  Track and Scat Identification Bandanas
Collection of bandanas that depict the tracks of animals and their scat.
  Animal Replica Casting Kits
Students cast and then paint their own replicas. Each of these model kits contains a reusable mold tray, PerfectCast® casting material, paints, paint brush, booklet, and instructions. Creative fun for ages 8 and up.
  Paper Making Kits, Books and Supplies
Recycled paper and other fiberous materials can be made into beautiful, creative papers. Contained in this section are paper making kits, supplies and activity books.
  Rubber Stamp Kits and Ink Pads
Complete rubber stamp kits, including animal tracks, insects and nature images, and colorful, non-toxic ink pads.
  Science and Nature Rubbing Plate Kits
Rubbing plate kits offer a creative way for children to learn about nature while having fun. Many different sets of rubbing plates are now available. For example, using the animal tracks set, children can create track patterns; skeleton rubbings can be used to teach anatomy; dinosaur, fossil and botanical prints can be used for both educational and artistic displays. Each kit comes with directions and ideas for expanding this unique art form into a variety of projects and lessons. An ideal way to combine art, science and nature study for young children ages 5-10. Rubbing plates are made of durable yet flexible plastic and range in size from 4 x 5 inches to 4 x 8 inches.
  Early Childhood Education Puzzles and Blocks
This section features challenging puzzles and stacking blocks that are perfect for enhancing early childhood education programs. These puzzles emphasize science and nature learning while teaching matching and pattern recognition skills to young children. Perfect for early childhood education including extended care and after school programs, Head Start and Early Head Start programs, preschool and kindergarten teachers, camp leaders, daycare providers and parents.
  American Indian Craft Kits and Activities
This section includes a wide array craft kits and activities that introduce students to different American Indian cultures.
  Audubon Adventures Curricula
AUDUBON ADVENTURES. National Audubon Society. Ranked as one of the most effective and scientifically accurate environment-based education curricula in the country, Audubon Adventures is perfect for upper elementary students. Each classroom kit contains four different editions of the award-winning Audubon Adventures Student Nature News Magazine (32 copies of each). The Classroom Resource Manual features engaging, hands-on activities along with background material for classroom discussions. Also included is a classroom wall certificate (for participating in the Audubon Adventures program), an environmental wall poster, access to Audubon’s bird and wildlife information website and call center and the Audubon Guide for A Healthy Yard and Beyond. The content is aligned with the National Standards for the Language Arts and Science—perfect for classroom teachers, after-school program coordinators, nature centers, and scout programs. For students in grades 3-6.

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