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Over the years, Acorn Naturalists has distributed the music of recording artists who specialize in music that relates to science, nature and the environment. These songs create fun learning environments in extended care and after school programs, Head Start and Early Head Start science and nature education programs, for preschool and kindergarten teachers, as well as camp leaders, daycare providers and parents. Included are science and nature songs, environmental music and outdoor education and camp songs from many musicians, including Billy B Brennan, The Banana Slugs, JP Taylor, Stan Slaughter, Bungee Jumping Cows, Chris Rowlands, David Stokes, Ken Lonnquist, Jon Sherman, Lucas Miller, Michael Caduto, Steve Schuch, and more.

We now also offer a selection of live music clips on our website to help you select the music you are looking for. To listen, simply click on the Science and Nature Sounds and Songs button found near the bottom of each page, or click here.

  Banana Slug String Band
A fun-loving group of zany, lovable musicians, teachers and outdoor educators who are gifted at blending humor and science. This group from the San Francisco area, has been creating joy for children and adults alike for over a decade now - all will also enjoy listening to these upbeat songs. For your listening pleasure and to help in making selections, we offer a diverse selection of Banana Slug music online - simply click here to listen. Ages 4-12.
  Billy B Brennan
Billy B's upbeat, lively and passionate style has entertained and educated thousands of children across the country. His creative music blends zany humor with solid science for a captivating and unforgettable experience. As a veteran performer who has performed in more than forty states, Billy B's original repertoire of incredible, energetic music and dance make his performances as naturally wonderful as the world around us. From antsy four-year-olds to ultra-cool junior high school kids, Billy B has the energy, experience, and charisma to keep everyone's attention riveted. His simple, catchy lyrics and dynamic movements create clear images that children can remember and repeat on their own. Words to songs are included in each volume. You can also hear entertaining music clips from his CD's by clicking here or on the links found the descriptions of his CD's offered below. Lively, educational fun for children ages 7-13 (and adults as well)! For video clips of Billy B in action, click here
  Michael Caduto
Although well known for his Keepers of the Earth, Animals and Life series, Michael Caduto is also known for his singing and storytelling talents. An ecologist, educator and musician Michael Caduto combines a sense of place and a feeling for the natural world, all wrapped together in song.
  Other Blends of Music, Science and Nature
Song and activity books for encouraging children to explore the world around them.

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