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Learning about animal tracks and tracking offers an exciting, engaging activity for teachers, naturalists, camp leaders, nature center educators and parents. Included are activity kits, guides, field equipment and supplies for casting tracks, and animal tracking references.

  Acorn Naturalists Trace-A-Track® Templates
These reusable, durable, washable life-size templates are perfect for a wide range of activities. Create customized local track field guides, predator/prey animal scenarios, or track matching games. Templates can also be used to teach advanced tracking techniques. Each template features a front and hind animal track (to make right or left tracks, simply flip the template over). Paint permanent tracks on any surface, or use with water-based paints or chalk to create washable, ever-changing track patterns in schoolyard or camp settings. Create fun track patterns on t-shirts by spraying fabric inks over the templates. Printed locally on thick, waterproof paper made from inorganic minerals-no trees or toxic agents (such as bleaching chemicals) are used in the manufacture of this remarkably green resource. Rinse template in soapy water to clean. Each set contains front and rear tracks for seven different species. $29.90 set.
  Acorn Naturalists Animal Track Rubber Stamps
These rubber track stamps are mounted on 3 inch x 4 inch wood blocks with the image of the track engraved on the top of each block. Use to create and review different track patterns (walking, running, bounding, sitting) as well as to augment student journals or enhance biome scenes. For art projects, a single track can be used, but for teaching about animal track patterns, showing gait, hunting, and resting patterns, four tracks (front right and left, rear right and left) provide greater realism. $9.90 each. MIX OR MATCH 10, $8.91 each.
  Acorn Naturalists Animal Signatures® Clue Displays
Just as we learn to identify the handwriting of others, we can learn to read signatures left by wildlife. By recognizing animal clues, it is possible to determine which animals are in the area. This unique set of 6" x 8" glass-topped displays provides real examples of these clues, or signatures. Samples are carefully collected-for example, our squirrel cones are collected after squirrels have chewed them. Scat replicas are cast from field samples, worm castings from gardens, frass from where caterpillars have been feeding, and insect chewed leaves are collected and pressed. Ages 9-adult. $24.90 each. MIX OR MATCH 10, $22.41 each.
  Acorn Naturalists Track Identification Scarves
These wearable field guides are perfect visual aids in the field or classroom. Each 21" square scarf features 14 labeled animal tracks that are 2/3x life size (bear, 1/2 life size). These scarves include representatives of the major taxonomic families of North American mammals: Bears (Ursidae), Bison (Bovidae), Cats (Felidae), Deer group (Cervidae), Dogs (Canidae), Pronghorn (Antilocapridae), Rabbit group (Leporidae), Raccoon (Procyonidae), Shrews (Soricidae) and Weasel group (Mustelidae) plus the Rodentia Order, represented by Beaver (Castoridae), Mice & Voles (Cricetidae) and Squirrel (Sciuridae). Available in a variety of fun colors.
  Acorn Naturalists Scat Identification Scarves
These unique educational scarves feature scat drawings that are twice life size, sketched from samples found in the field. Includes ringtail, shrew, bat, racoon, armadillo, opossum, mouse and vole, bear, rabbit and hare, prairie dog, porcupine, squirrel and chipmunk, gopher, marmot and woodchuck, beaver, muskrat, pronghorn antelope, fox, weasel, mountain lion, bobcat, mountain goat, river otter, pine marten, skunk, mink, badger, wolverine, bighorn sheep, elk, deer and moose. These wearable field guides are great for field trips, hikes, or as a conversation piece. Each scarf measures 21 inches square. Available in a variety of colors.
  Tracking Techniques and Activities
This section features a wide selection of activity guides, DVDs and field resources for learning the art and science of tracking. Includes resources appropriate for all ages and ability levels.
  Magnifiers and Hand Lenses for Trackers
In this section you will find a comprehensive selection of magnifiers, hand lenses, bug boxes, binoculars, microscopes and related observation tools.
  Bird and Mammal Calls
The calls we offer are the finest available, but don’t expect to imitate the animal perfectly the first time you try. The best way to learn is to head into the field and start practicing, listening to tapes or mimicking the birds themselves.
  Resources For Young Trackers
Children are naturally interested in following the clues left by animals, both in the field and on the printed page. Included in this section are stories about people who go out and track animals - books that will both entertain and inspire young children to learn more about tracking.
  Animal Trackers Series for Children
Animal trackers learn how to record the habitat requirements, population trends, migration routes, and diets of animals in order to develop effective conservation programs. This series reveals the exciting, cutting-edge techniques that trackers use to study and follow animals in their natural habitats. Grades 3-4. $7.90 each. MIX OR MATCH 10, $7.11 each.
  Track Identification - Falcon Regional Guides
This pocket-sized guides cover 70 common species found in each region. Features species-specific tracking tips, habitat cues, and behavioral information. Detailed sketches of tracks (with gait patterns and measurements) and scat for amphibian, reptile, bird, and mammal species are provided.
  Tracking Guides from Lone Pine Publishing
Each of these detailed guides features concise descriptions of region-specific tracks, combining detailed drawings of the front and back prints, stride patterns and other key identifying features. Over fifty of the most common animals found in each state or region are identified. Perfect tracking field guide for hikers, teachers, parents as well as a reference for younger trackers. Lightweight and compact (4-1/4” x 5-3/4”), they fit easily into your pocket or pack.
  Animal Rubber Stamps
These high quality 2-1/2 inch square rubber stamps represent a wide array of mainly north American insect, bird and mammal species. Many of these images are used in the well known Ampersand Press games such as Into the Forest, Krill, The Bug Game, Good Heavens!, The Garden Game, Oh Wilderness! and Predator. Use to expand or customize your own versions of these popular games or supplement your lessons on ecosystems, develop creative art projects, or to enhance animal information available in your classroom or nature center. Each anatomically accurate stamp features a colorful label and is mounted on a sturdy, easy-to-grip, wooden base.
  Teaching about Tracking Patterns
Based on the study of tracks in the wild, these life-size mylar stencils teach about the movement patterns of bird and mammal species, including specific walk and gait patterns. Each set also contains a natural history reference sheet that describes the animal’s ecological status, habitat, body shape, behavior, and diet along with instructions and illustrations of different track patterns. Packaged in a clear bag. $19.90 each. MIX OR MATCH 10, $17.91 each.

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