Trace-A-Track® Track Stencil Collection (Discounted Set of 3 Stencil Sets)


Trace-A-Track® Track Stencil Collection 

  • Life-size animal track templates, laser-cut and printed on mineral paper
  • Collection includes 3 sets (Carnivore, Herbivore, and Omnivore) for a total of 21 common North American species
  • Recommended for ages 6 to adult
  • See Details for activity ideas and further information (below)


Created by Acorn Naturalists, these reusable, durable, life-size animal track templates are perfect for a wide range of activities. Design customized local track field guides, predator/prey animal scenarios, or track matching games. Paint permanent tracks on any surface, or use with water-based paints or chalk to create washable, ever-changing track patterns in schoolyard or camp settings. Fashion fun track patterns on t-shirts by spraying fabric inks over the templates. Templates can also be used to teach advanced tracking techniques, such as gait patterns. Each template features the front and hind animal track of each species noted (to make right or left tracks, simply flip the template over). Our templates are precisely laser-cut and printed locally on thick, waterproof paper made from inorganic materials. No trees or toxic agents (such as bleaching chemicals) are used in the manufacture of this green resource. As needed, the track templates can be cleaned in warm soapy water. This collection includes Carnivore (badger, bobcat, cougar, coyote, fox, weasel, and wolf), Herbivore (beaver, deer fawn, deer adult, mouse, porcupine, rabbit, squirrel, and woodchuck) and Omnivore (armadillo, black bear, javelina, opossum, raccoon, rat, and skunk) template sets, for a total of 21 species. Trace-a-Track® templates are recommended for ages 6 to adult.

For activities and additional information for using Trace-A-Track® templates, click here.

Product sets are already discounted from the individual purchase price.

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Trace-A-Track® Track Stencil Collection (Discounted Set of 3 Stencil Sets)
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